Wednesday, September 24, 2008

all up in santa cruz

yea.... it's nice up (wait, is it down?) here. pretty spacious room, no pictures except maybe this one.
yeee.. sticker machine!

well here was some shocking news:

-travis barker and DJ AM plane crash. travis got a lot of burns over his body, he's gonna have to touch up those tats =/

and now for news that was NOT shocking:

-Clay Aiken comes out. yea.... no way. haha, I like the title to this story though. "Clay Aiken apparently announces that he's gay"

but yea, yesterday was the boardwalk frolic and they were playing all the "bay slaps" and it pretty crazy and there was a dance battle and a guy kicked a girl in the face trying to do a freeze. and that guy was an RA too..

well what would that story be without a video, hmm

november 8

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