Sunday, September 30, 2007

He needs them

impactblueO3 (7:08:37 PM): cuz i needed runnings hoes
impactblueO3 (7:08:41 PM): wat pics do you wanna see
ChrisLeeTyped (7:09:04 PM): running hoes
impactblueO3 (7:09:04 PM): usually i put pics on facebook now
ChrisLeeTyped (7:09:08 PM): hehe
impactblueO3 (7:09:09 PM): of the runnings hoes

And he' our newest fan of the blog. whoot

Did I tell you what I got?

Cathy got it for me =)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Also, I got my teeth fixed

I ran into someone in 3rd grade and the result of it was...

after the dentist did his thing

Smile brought to you by

hehe. But that isn't very interesting. What is (not really) is that I went to this bakery:
And then I had a sandwich:

And mother ordered...
All of a sudden she took my sandwich and...

And she still finished her meal too...

And then a treat to take on the road

So I have been on hiatus because..

of some guy that did this

Finally, I am in need of a new blog post so have I'll share the story of the kid that stole my nintendo ds. So I am at Serramonte with Jeriel and KEVIN and were browsing the inside of electronic boutique. I had just downloaded the new pokemon and was playing and I saw a little filipino kid holding a stuffed pokemon doll. I decided to show him the new pokemon game and he got very excited. Actually I think he was just overwhelmed with everything that was going on so he took, with a swiftness, my ds lite RIGHT out of my hands! Well, this is what happened

ugh, stupid kid. And if you were wondering HOW I could have let him steal my ds lite, well, he is just one charismatic kid. He charisma'd me. Maybe I'm the stupid kid

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No Homo FTW

ooooooh, this is great. I'll blog fully tomorrow morning for all of those chris lee fans out there, all two of them.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Bonds' Last Days as a Giant

I tried shotgunning a soda today

It didn't work out as planned. But if you do it right it should turn out like this:

My friend, Michael, bought me a soda today because he thought that I couldn't shotgun the soda. He bought it for me and we went to the corner of the street near an alley way. I took off my shirt so all the world could see and began to stab the soda with my key. Then, quickly I put my mouth over the hole and held it up to my face. Alas, soda dripped down from my face onto my body as onlookers passed by. I failed miserably but got a free soda out of it. I think I'll try again tomorrow.

So I'm at work right now and...

I found this year's bargain bites brought to you by and The Chronicle. Anywho, there are some really good restaurants here

And these papusas are really good

Balompie Cafe & Restaurant
Soccer jerseys are on the wall, the games are on the TVs and pupusas are on the menu. The griddled Salvadoran corn cakes are delish here, especially the pupusa with loroco, the buds of a squash-like plant. Pastel - a meat-stuffed corn dumpling steamed in a banana leaf - is also a hit.
Cuisine: Latin
Vitals: 3349 18th St. (at Capp), San Francisco; (415) 648-9199. Lunch, dinner daily.

check the yelp rating here

Monday, September 24, 2007

The top 10 hand gestures you'd better get right

pretty much sums it up. Just follow this link

Click This Link!

Kanye West - Cant Tell Me Nothing (Live Album Chart Show 9/15/07)

Kanye performs live with a orchestra. Thought it was nice to share

My Brother's "Happy" Birthday

It all started when Grandma came over to say happy birthday to my brother. My parents had bought him a cake and we were ready to eat it. He was watching television in the living room not wanting to do anything but that and so we got him to stand in front of a cake, with a bit of force, for a good minute or two.

and don't tell anyone, but he cried after. This isn't going to be helping his reputation with the ladies much

Homework for Lauren

here you suck

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Blog Entry

Right now, I just realized what Gmail really has to offer. I have been slowly uploading pictures to my picasa account and stumbled upon their blog program they have. I dont know what I will upload to this thing, but maybe I'll put it to some use