Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm pretty protective of my chapstick

Friday, March 28, 2008


I wanna say eventful day, except that it does not involve any visuals... making this post useless?

First, Grandma has many worthy moments as she takes her two favorite grandsons and my uncle to a nice dim sum place on 11th and clement.

I will now try to recreate the moment by spelling out her words phonetically:

"mm sigh bay cha cheen"

these 1,2,3...5 magic words made it possible to allow us to just, well, just NOT pay for tea. She basically told the waiter "We're not gonna pay for tea". WOW, the things that old chinese people get away with! "hey uh, yea tea fee, no go, now gimme two orders of chicken feet". dude, goooood times.

Ah, the custard tarts are coming around and grandma wants to get some.
Grandma: -to the waiter in chinese- "hmm.... no not that one, give me the prettiest one, ya know, pretty food for pretty boys"

haha, that's right, grandma, we gotta have the yellowest custard for the "lang jais", right?

Grandma: yea, 1941, I hate Japanese people

well, I guess it was kind of funny when she said it but uh.... I swear there were other funny things besides hanging out with Grandma

Well, I drove to Emeryville with Val and Erik and got this cool papasan cushion for clearance price of $30, pretty good in my opinion, plus it was suede
yea, except a nice blue and in a suede color and the papasan frame doesnt suck as much, it's a cool bamboo frame

Also, crashed at Horse's house like he had blogged about and it was really awkward, me and erik are staring into his window looking for him and all of a sudden his dad pulls into the driveway pretty much very awkward, yes oohwee.

Kanye West Concert!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Work Update

So I am pretty much the office slave at work and I ran to get some starbucks and sandwiches. Well my slaving is not in vain. I just came up a VENTI hot cocoa AND $2.50. How's that, the perks of being a slave. $2.50 is enough to like... buy a GRANDE hot cocoa. ^___^

I never got a razor for my birthday

I was wondering why because a lot of my friends did. Well I was doing some googling and found out why

"Fusion 18th B-day promo list is provided by American Student List; they compile names from many sources. Consumers are welcome to call American Student List directly at 516-248-6100 and ask for their name to be dropped off THEIR list."

ah, okay okay

October 17, 2006

Dear Mr. Lee,

Thank you for contacting Gillette. We are anxious to see that our products meet your needs and expectations. We appreciate your interest and hope you find this information helpful.

In regards to your inquiry, Fusion 18th B-day promo list is provided by American Student List; they compile names from many sources. Consumers are welcome to call American Student List directly at 516-248-6100 and ask for their name to be dropped off THEIR list.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. If you have any additional questions or comments, please call me toll-free at 1-800-GILLETTE (445-5388). We always appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers.

Sasha D.
Consumer Service Associate

So THAT'S how they do it. I guess I'll be having to call directly to drop in a few other names


Monday, March 24, 2008

I don't update as often as I'd like

My aunt and uncle are moving to Ireland

Only go to a North Face outlet "sale" if it's black friday or a sample sale. I went to the latter.

I got my mom a pink comforter cover from Ikea, she loved it

I got dollar ice cream and 50 cent hot dogs from Ikea. I loved it

I woke up early today to eat at McDonald's.

I am pretty sure I have something to show you from my camera, but it's somewhere in my room.

I bought two beta fish for my behavioral project. I'm basically going to make them fight.

Lauren and Cathy said " that is like, animal cruelty or something, Ms. Goldman!!!!"

Thursday, March 20, 2008

hmm... questionable event of the day

Dad: hey, do you know where I can get a pink (oh gosh, it's already gonna be bad) long sleeve t-shirt?
Chris: -avoiding eye contact in fear that he will break out into laughter- um... no

well well, father you never seize to amaze and surprise. BUT I got a webcam from ^___^

so our very own Pira Tritasavit was on his not first, but second game show in his life. Wheel of Fortune sought him out to be a contestant on their show. Please believe that I was in front of my television set with camera in hand taking picture after picture every single time a pira or pira body part appeared on screen. Here are some worthy pictures:

"Um, Pat Sajak is touching me..."

"WHOA buddy, definitely not there"
"haha, nevermind, he's just trying to tickle me"

"ha ha... yea? get away from me, creep""mmhmm, monies"
In totally separate news, I got a webcam from woot, I think I already said that but here are some pictures of my friends on skype.

let me introduce my friends to you

The ever elusive CheeMac
The ever animated Master Samuel

and of course the ever growing and hibernating Kevin
picture overload!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I got a story to tell

Ok, not really but I'm sitting next to my dad and "low" starts playing. He tells me that he really likes the song and it's his ringtone currently. As the song plays he starts bobbing his head like a chicken going "low low low low low low". oh man, if only I had video footage.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's the power of Pine-Sol, baby!

Got out early on Tuesday and Wednesday because... I got to a charter school. Went to India Clay Oven with friends because it's buffet till 2:30 for the great price of $8.95 and ooohwee, do we get our moneys worth! Well we happened to be lucky enough to eat with/stalk a very... maybe familiar woman to you all.

Here's a little taste of what I get to eat with

I guess the Pine-Sol lady is not known to everyone because when Chris got all excited and told his family they replied with quizzical expressions on their faces. Well check out the paparazzi pics

Ah HA! caught her getting her 4th plate of food, yea we counted. Originally our plan was to wait it out till she finally finished eating, but that woman is a machine! just keeps devouring plate after plate of tastes of India!

As I sat patiently trying to capture Pine-Sol in action, I accidentally captured a gem of a picture. mmhmm, another satisfied customer. Good job , India Clay Ovenand well as we took turns trying to spy on her during her lunch, she made eye contact with us and well... very awkward.
yea, ya gotta zoom in on that
yea, appetite = ruined

on a totally separate note, actually it's kind of related because it's another lunch, I ate at Spices II on 6th and Clement. mmhmm, the place lives up to it's name as many of the items are spicy.
Dialogue now!

Fungy: so... can we eat those red things?
Chris: -staring at him as if to say "sure, but I dont know why you'd want to"- sure, but I dont know why you'd want to
Fungy: -grabs one, face reddens, spits back out- yea, I hate it when the spice gets in your throat
Chris: well what'd you think would happen? why'd you eat it?
Fungy: I dont know, it looked crunchy ^__^
Chris: *-__-

so yea, he also ordered the "numbingly spicy" mandarin noodles with meat sauce. I like the menu because it tells you quite accurately how spicy your dish will be according to how many red dots are next to the dish's name. They also have different type of spicies such as: the above mentioned numbingly spicy (and they werent kidding), fire-spicy, flaming hot spicy, and vegetarian..... uh.. yea. So in conclusion, I have spent quite a lot of money on just lunch


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's go to sleep in Paris, Wake up in KHAN TOKE-eeee-oohhh

I must say, this place is pretty cool. I guess you pay for more of the atmosphere than anything else but the food was still good. I didn't care for the beef with red curry dish that much and I only ordered it because the Yelpers told me to. The other dish I ordered, this vegetarian dish with taro wrapped in fried noodles and veggies was really tasty. And of course, dessert...
hahaha, fried banana with coconut ice cream. They tried extra hard with the face made out of various nuts and raisins. I applaud you, Khan Toke dessert chefs, very good very good
yup, that's how you sit. It really is so cool, especially when you watch much bigger people trying to fit into the little pilllowed areas and struggling to get their feet under the table.

By the way, it took me DAYS to upload this post because it wouldnt let me upload any pictures. Now that I have successfully done so, it's time for some new songs ^__^

The Art of Storytelling part 4 - Andre 3000 download here
I heard this one on somebody's myspace. haha, and I DO still check myspace but yea, pretty sure this song is fairly new and Outkast are legends

The Light '08 it's love - Common download here
Common Sense with a new song. The beat is done by Just Blaze and it's a pretty mellow track

DJ Felli Fel ft. Fabolous, Kanye West, Jermaine Dupri & Neyo- The Finer Things download here
A fairly new radio hit along with that other song "buck in here" but this is prettier sounding

Elevator - Flo Rida download here
Requested by Master Samuel. NoooOoOOOoooooOOoooo!!

semi-worthy post!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm gonna go out to watch the sun rise

My camera is out of batteries but it's not like I take it out anymore really anyways


So I'm walking walking walking, trying to walk to Land's End and I realize it's actually pretty scary as the walk there is like Little Red Riding Hood's forest adventure so I was like "nuh uh, I'm going back". I walk walk walk, get to those stairs on 32nd and California, sit for a while and realize it's kind of scary too. Walk up to Washington High School where the gates are open because of some kind of reconstruction thing happening, sit and watch the sun rise a bit but I try to get a better view so I try and go through the other entrance of Washington only to find out it's all locked. I walk all the way around, take in a few views, pretty awesome and make my way back home to see my father in front of the computer. At this point he's like "..." and I go, yea saw the sun rise. He asks who I saw it with and I simply reply, "um, myself?" Ha, a little sass there and at this point he thinks I'm on crack and pretends to pretend I'm not on crack. He tells me to go look up a VIN number on carfax and go kelly blue blook a car and after I do that. As I am doing this, he decides to leave a pleasant surprise in the bathroom and I get kind of frustrated because I was about to take a shower only to have me sass him a bit more (unintentionally of course) as he comes out to see the carfax. He goes downstairs and tells my mom "what a sourpuss" I am and my mom tells him how I'm not a morning person. ^___^ my mom made up an excuse for my lack of respect. In the end, I think I shouldn't go looking for sunrises or go too out of my way at least and definitely not by myself. What was I thinking


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

thank you thank you thank you thank you

I will hold this present very dear to my heart as I watch it defile the side of my laptop. I have been staring at it for a while now, and it just doesnt stop humping. AND it's Japanese or something

do the humpty hump

Monday, March 3, 2008


It has just come to my attention that a certain, ranked number 17 and rising, Judy Chin started Ahem, wow. I guess now that Samuel and I constantly heckle her, she can now also read our poking fun of her on our blogs. And can you believe this? I just dedicated a whole post just for Judy, gross. But really though, I don't enjoy making fun of you, Judy. At least not in front of you because you are too quick witted and always have these great come backs. =( embarrassing. Um, actually I really can't think of anything to say about you right now so...I think I'm just going start thinking like you, Judy. What would Judy do.... okay, got it. I'm gonna go study and do homework now for about 3 hours, organize my shelves upon shelves of school supplies, then create tedious outlines of my ap bio. Maybe then I can get into Stanford =/

I ate roast duck for dinner by the way, you're the duck, right?


Found this while reading the New York TimesI thought this ad was pretty funny and clever. Does that mean the New York Times sides with Obama? I'm pretty sure. Wasn't Clinton trying to discredit the New York Times anyways? Um, yea I think that nyt hates Clinton. In other news, this is a waste of text space and I'm gonna go back to doing homework
I'm eligible to vote =D. scary

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Yea, so since I'm sick I'm actually doing homework. As I'm outlining chapter after chapter of biology, I stumble upon this little gem of a picture. It is called a axolotl and reminded me of a pokemon or just a really cool looking pet.

Okay, so this is for all you biology enthusiasts. It possesses a characteristic called Paedomorphosis which is when an organism grows to full size and is sexually mature while still retaining certain characteristics of that from it's childhood, larval stages. Kind of like this

see how they retain some of the characteristics they had at birth? pretty cool huh. Sometimes it isn't the cutest thing though

But don't these things closely resemble something from our childhood too? Pokemon? ah ha! It does right? so I googled "axolotl pokemon" and came upon this picture!Well apparently I am not the first person to make this connection. According to a website

"Axolotl are apparently popular pets in Japan, where they're sold under the name WuperRuper. They're also the inspiration for several Pokemon characters."

ha, well isn't that something

okay okay, this is what happens when I try to blog while doing homework, it gets ultra nerdy, enough to make Judy Chin proud.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

So it's a Saturday, a really really nice Saturday and I'm sick. The sickness has many symptoms, symptoms that are too gruesome to share to the world wide web. I was checking out the newest episode of America's Best Dance Crew and I think JabbaWockeez did the best this week, nevertheless I voted for everyone's favorite, Kaba Modern. Yea, and I was talkin to mr. 800 about schools and our conversation goes as follows

dakam1kaz3e33: berkeley, la, sd, and irvine
chrisleetyped: coool
dakam1kaz3e33: so i can join kaba modern
dakam1kaz3e33: so
chrisleetyped: hahahaha
dakam1kaz3e33: cuz ya know, my isolation's is sick
dakam1kaz3e33: in the words of lil' mama
dakam1kaz3e33: what makes her so qualified

yea, pretty much. ya know, I don't even bring my camera with me anymore. No more pockets because I got a bulkier wallet and bulkier phone now and I dont wanna be carrying some case on my belt for my camera. That's like batman's bat belt status =P. So I just downloaded Jedi Mind Trick's Violent By Design. It's cool, a bit weird, you can listen to samples of each song and read the reviews there or you could not download it not from but that might be illegal.

Still on a car hunt. My parents say if I go to city college then I will get a car. I guess that is tempting? "Go to a nice college, no car, go to a crappy college, nice car". Okay, well I gues I WOULD be saving my parents a whole bunch of money anyways of I went to a junior college then transferred. I dunno, just that much less of an incentive to go to a prestigious university.

Um, Um Um Um...
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