Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Day.

Hope we did you proud, Norm and Cindy. We went to Flushings, Queens like you told us to. Good AND cheap.

I tried the roast duck with hand-pulled noodles in broth. Only 4.50

and then we had dessert. We were slowly transitioning our lives back to SF living

D.C. Chillin'...and Philly

first we hit up Philly

Cheesesteaks of course at none other than Geno's

Then we went around downtown Philadelphia to Ubiq. Their background wallpaper look familiar? hehe yea

Then of course the Liberty Bell to top it off

Next stop. Obama's house

Saw most of the monuments

and that's our mini road trip. yee

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday: Recap


-ate bagels
-got into the Metropolitan Museum for free

-paid a dollar to get into the Natural History Museum

-30 rocked it and got a lot of cool souvenirs
This is specifically for you, Samuel. Cropped it for you and everything

-had Junior's cheesecake under Grand Central

-late night drive-thru at White Castle

pictures of the museums later

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

real quick, we woke up late so we had Gyros from some stand for breakfast. We ate in park-type thing

then to the Bodies Museum. A lot of controversy about if this place should be closed or not because they use prisoner's bodies and put them on display.

nevertheless, it's really really cool

Dinner, and call it a night

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Add Cudi to the celeb list


what are the odds I see another "celebrity" in New York?

And tell me why I see more celebrities on this trip than my whole career of going to LA? then again I only go to Disneyland when I go to LA

but alright, here's the mini story

"Who is this dude wearing skinny grey jeans and Jordan Stealth XX's?"

As I take a closer look I have a hunch it's Kid Cudi. So okay, I semi-followed him around (stalkerish of me I know, but when am I not) and I casually look at tshirts next to him and acting all surprised "are you Kid Cudi?"

"oh wsup man" -awkward handshake that I fumble and fail-

"hey, can I take a picture of you?"

"what's this for"

"Oh, uh I'm on vaca- uh, san francis- uh, I'm a fan. please?"

"oh yea dude, for sure"

and that's how all the magic happened

okay, full update of the rest of the day tomorrow. I have to wake up early for the Met and the National History Museum

Monday, March 23, 2009

Well since my rendezvous with Common Sense, I've done nothing but think about him...not really. But he told us hew as on his way to some showcase in Austin. I found the video and music rip for it for you guys here

and the video is here Pinkisthenewblog is covering all of SXSW also

here are Common and Kanye performing at the show

now for my day. started off waking up at 11:30. crap. So what way to start off your day then to walk 15 minutes through the ghettoes of Queens for some White Castle?

Then we headed to Manhattan, first stop was
picked up a t-shirt for Jon De Jesus and it happened to be on SALE

another thing, so far everywhere we've been in New York has been tax free. yeerrrp

after that, Nort/Recon. and who woulda known, another sale

then on our way to East Village but we got distracted and found this

oh wait, there's more. We found God's favorite shoe store, Flight Club New York
-drool- like EVERYONE'S holy grails

eh, yea

and how about dinner at Veselka's? this place may seem familiar if you saw Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. oh yee

the end. I know, guys. the day ended too quickly

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's talk about the weather though

yea, it was a bit more than nippy. Weather is in the 30s right now, and I don't know how new yorkers do it. Probably with more layers of clothing

my first real hearty meal in New York.

haha, this was in Queens still. It was um.. better than Burger King

so we took about an hour ride on the subway to Manhattan, and this fool is always doing something odd. But that's why he's here, for entertainment

We ate snack/dinner under the Grand Central Station. Check it:

the end

I'm the king of queens!

we made it safely, don't worry. Well nevermind, you weren't worryingd

had to pho the day before with mom though.

my co-pilot for the day

surrounded by the whoppers at overpriced airport burger king

more thorough blog soon.. maybe


and I finally got the picture. So we're just chillin at the airport in some random gate, when we notice some oddly dressed man. Decked out in Bape and a pink scarf?

I think it's the man on the left

we knew he was on something. and he was talking pretty loudly and we were all going "can this guy quiet down?" I turn around and something catches my eye. Some man's very shiny bald head blinds me and as I try to refocus, it's none other than Common Sense. Me and Horse get pretty excited and we "casually" walk by to make sure it's him (and by "casually" I mean camera in hand, giggling).

Oh, did I mention the guy was wearing some Air Yeezy colorway that I've never seen? I forgot to take a picture though *-____- I didn't go into super paparazzi mode as much as you'd like for that to happen

Next thing you know, the flamboyantly dressed dude I recognized goes "You want a picture" in a slightly irritated voice and we get him to take the picture for us. And now, I present to you this beauty.


I kind of just sat there in a bit of shock. I don't know how this is gonna top anything we do in New York, but we're gonna try

FAO Schwartz giant keyboard?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get Ready

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The dot over the letter "i" is called a tittle.

thought you'd like to know


countdown till finals is over: 3 days

till I see Erik: 6 days

till New York: also 6 days

till spring quarter: 16 days

till my first year of college is complete: I don't want to calculate

so yea, finals. Today, instead of studying I played deuces

so we all know how my grades for finals are gonna be looking, huh? But hey, I'm done on wednesday, I'll be back in the city by thursday afternoon. I got to see what's up with my mama and hang out with her a bit, but yea.

as for Erik, I'll get to see him and his tail again. whoooopeeeeeee. Don't worry Kevin, I'll watch him

oh and New York? it's gonna be like this:

Everyday for breakfast just because.

Everyday for lunch well.... just because

buying this everyday well.... because just because it's God's favorite shoe store

and then after all that, it's just school again.


Monday, March 9, 2009

wait, what!

oh yee
Martha Stewart's dog dies in propane explosion at kennel


David Choe

especially the second video where he talks about Korean games. Chung, you'll love this. except that you dont know this blog exists

Sunday, March 8, 2009

and now for our weekly human trick

I present to you UCLA's finest, Lauren. drumroll please.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Talk About Multi-Tasking, Chris

I especially like it when the news reporter starts doing the dialogue

And his name will be... Ickitt

And that's that. MIA's new baby is named Ickitt. oh unique for sure.