Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today was the big day

So today was Halloween and it was quite interesting. I woke up late because I had a free F block and as I get to my locker, I am greeted by this
This is emo girl. (S)he never broke out of character. cheer up emo kid. There were also many zombies running rampant throughout the day.

ok, so maybe only one or two zombies.

Now for the assembly. We had halloween costume contests. It was pretty great. There was the funky six....

and then there was the rickshaw driver versus big mama. Crowd favorite


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


And yet, I sat in front of my computer the whole time not rushing to a door frame or outside or wow. I'm gonna die. fun times. And also so this post isn't a useless one, click here for the top 35 most clever ads

Daily Happenings at school

Today was another day of our "book tour" in ap lit. Pretty much we pretend to be the author of our free choice book and then talk about themes and what not. Well, one girl in my class decided to be William Shakespeare and so... luckily not a lot of people look at this blog because this is kind of mean but I dont really care.

Looks like someone was ready for Halloween buuuttt... In support of the Girl Scouts and their cause.. for making great tasting cookies?.. My friend bought a medium sized box for 6 dollars. That's 6 chocolates for a dollar. They were quite GOOD.
And then we finished them all in our Physics class
On a totally separate note, yesterday this crazy bus driver who lacked driving skills repeatedly tried to get out of a parallel parked spot and repeatedly hit our tree right outside of our school. I tried to get some good pictures but my battery on my camera was running low. Let me describe for you the bus driver. Russian middle aged man with a beret on his head. Maybe a russian Marine, but in any case, he sucks at driving.
And now, a few pictures of a "n00b"

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Readers

As you know or may not know, A horseman's Life, Master Samuel and my own blog are all connected via... url links. Well as I view their blogs and discuss whatever whatever.....Aw what am I saying. Horseman said something really funny about Sammy's blog

H 0 rSeY 4 e v a: daily dosage of his face
H 0 rSeY 4 e v a: yuk

hehehehehehe. that's it. Check out their blogs and enjoy

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I love pandas

Please click this one to enlarge

Saturday, October 27, 2007

As I was searching the web...

I found this interesting idea. Heat sensitive wallpaper. Now check it out when the radiator is turned on

PRETTY craaaazy.

=P to the pictures not working, just check it out here

Thursday, October 25, 2007

this guy is like my best friend

yet, I exploit him on my blog. Enjoy


Buy me

I mean, who doesn't love Carlton. Can that guy dance or what

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


You probably dont wanna know this but I'm peeing in my pants right now. Since when is there a hot guitar hero 3? and you can play online? wireless? I want to play...

AH! for you doug fans

Check this out

Is that not cool? maybe not that exciting buuuut check it out here
and now my favorite game and currently my favorite song/tshirt that I kind of want


dark blue dark bluuuuuuee

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Day With Samson

We had a half day today at Gateway so I decided to work on the Bio poster with Samson. After that we went to eat at D & A on Clement. it was happy hour too! that meant $1.25 for watermelon tappysWe also ordered some foods
This looked like a good deal
As we were waiting, there was an OG sighting

maybe he isn't really a gangster, but I wish my grandpa dressed like that. Well our food came and it looked like this

Someone was very excited to eat
After we finished, we headed to the aquarium to stores down. there were a lot of interesting fish and I might start an aquarium in my house
These are feeder fish but they started eating the dead fish
Here's a video

This is pretty cool, it's a purple slug
pretty colors =)
found a lot of nemos
and then even more
ahhh, these are pretty too

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nike Marathon

In reference to having a harder time getting across the park during any run or race.

C: I hate races
J: yea, I hate racists too
C: no no, races, like running
C: racists are okay

Nick Jr

So those nick jr shows are something else. Anyways, the chinese kid has some pretty long sideburns and some uh.. interesting facial expressions as well as dance moves. enjoy

this is the original, unedited version

nevermind, watch THIS video

this is the video of kanye in a skit. Somebody told me about this. I think it was Samuel. anyways, waaattttccchhh.... now

Kanye perfroms on SNL

he performs champion smoothly but messes up his lines on everything I am so he starts freestyling and uh... yea, it's kanye

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mash SF Fixed Gear Movie

So pretty much a fixed gear bike or a "fixie" is a bike that has one fixed gear so if you stop peddling, the bike stops moving. My dad is about to get one of these bikes because.... it will make him faster.. stronger...and harder and better? maybe not harder. But uh..... look at this semi cool video



Nevin is NO LONGER Nevin the shy guy
but he is now Im n0t N3v1n which makes total sense.
and of course, a bonus picture

College Life

JERlEL: ok
JERlEL: soooo
JERlEL: one night
JERlEL: i get back around 1
JERlEL: and then my roommate comes back just after me
JERlEL: very drunk with a couple of my other friends
JERlEL: they played beer pong at the engineering fraternity
chrisleetyped: yea
chrisleetyped: you told me abou the pissing on the carpet
chrisleetyped: and you were gonna talk to him when he woke up
JERlEL: yeah
JERlEL: but wait theres more
JERlEL: ill enunciate it
JERlEL: and then he went up to sleep on his bunk
JERlEL: passed out for sure
JERlEL: a couple of my sober friends draw all over his face
JERlEL: and then im basically falling asleep
JERlEL: and i hear him fal out of the top bunk
JERlEL: im like...hes just gonna go pee
JERlEL: in the bathroom
JERlEL: but he whips it out and starts pissingo n the carpet
JERlEL: and im like
JERlEL: andrew what are you doing
JERlEL: he says
JERlEL: he mutters
JERlEL: dont worry about it....
JERlEL: and then i said andrew youre pissing on the carpet
JERlEL: he says again dont worry about it
JERlEL: i cant really stop him.....
JERlEL: i mean how would you stop a guy from pissing
JERlEL: grab his penis?
JERlEL: so i cant really do anything about it
chrisleetyped: LOL
JERlEL: and in the morning theres this circular stain on the ground
JERlEL: and its still there...
JERlEL: he said he cleaned it
JERlEL: but i dont think so
JERlEL: so now i dont walk barefoot anymore
JERlEL: basically im asleep when he falls out of bed
JERlEL: and i wake up to him falling out
JERlEL: and im in that half-asleep mode
JERlEL: and then i hear him pissing
JERlEL: and i shove him
JERlEL: and then he stops
JERlEL: but then he turns around and starts pissing on my shower flip flo
JERlEL: flop
JERlEL: slash on the ground
JERlEL: and then thats when i say what areyou doing andrew
JERlEL: and he says dont worry about it
JERlEL: and i say it again
JERlEL: and he says odnt worry about it
JERlEL: and then i start laughing on the inside hysterically
JERlEL: because of the story ill have after it
chrisleetyped: hahahha

Can you stand the rain?

you can with theeeeeeese. GORE-Tex. SF weather has been getting pretty late lately and I need to go buy an umbrella. I happened to come upon these dunks that are perfect for any wet weather. and a bonus song

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to be like a beast

this is how you eat like one. take notes

And while we are at it

heres another cool shoe. Famed tennis star Michael Chang's shoe of choice. This looks pretty cool when exposed to light
Even cooler when it is not exposed to light

Read more about it right here