Thursday, February 28, 2008

ATCQ x MJ tshirt?

Look at this, what a cool concept right?
haha, keep bouncin'. The Midnight Marauder's album cover seen all over MJ making his signature dunk. Thought you guys would like to see it, well the very small percentage of my viewers that enjoy Michael Jordan and A Tribe Called Quest together.

and if you really feel compelled to buy, which I might do so, then CLICK HERE

EDIT: oh shoot, almost forgot, I had these scratchers all nestled in my wallet and took the two out, the first one I lost and was a bit frustrated so I tossed it to the curb, but the second one, THE SECOND ONE!! I won guys, I really did. A whole 2 bucks so I'm even now. The joys of being 18

Caroline OW!!!yama, if you read this, get a big metal spoon and rub it out, it should be okay ;)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well my grandpa passed his license test today and being the selfish guy I am I kind of was saddened by it. So I was kind of hoping he would fail so I could get his car but... that didn't happen. ha, I'm pretty messed up. But I DID clean my room, looking pretty spiffy, haha spiffy, and yup. I also found some cool stuff in the trash because my old neighbors left to move to a ranch in Marin. I'm gonna miss them so to help myself remember them, I took some of their junk. And no, it's not like me going though their garbage cans taking stuff because that is creepy/paparazzi-ish. They had this big giant grey container thing parked outside their house where they just hurled furniture and everything they didn't take to the ranch, let's see if I can show you what I got.

aahhhh nevermind, I suck at taking pictures, let me just share this song that I just downloaded

Usher - Sweet Lies featuring Pharell and Vanessa Marquez DOWNLOAD HERE

yea yea yea bye

Monday, February 25, 2008

Only Gateway Kids Will Care But...

I got my hands on the panoramic picture for the yearbook. That's right, look for yourselves and uh...yea, picture is kind of lame

yeah, click the picture for bigger image, of course. I didn't even realize our class looked that small though, at least compared to the more mainstream schools, right? Good times, '08

EDIT: Antonio Faundez, you look kind of like a pedo. good job
mmhmm, later

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Passin' Me By

I got bio homework right now but I definitely think that I should blog instead. My priorities, mmhmm. Well thank you Facebook for notifying all my facebook friends of my birthday. It makes me feel happier, ha. I just took it upon myself to reply to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I could have done my homework then too. As I put aside my Bio homework for just a little bit longer, I'll type a bit more.

Dang, so Janine and Caroline Ow!!!!yama left voicemails, hehe, that made me really happy too. I'm pretty easy? Battery Life on iPhone, not cutting it. oh yea, and how about some birthday gift highlights. Let me get out the real camera one, two times

kk, here we go
That's right, 25th anni of Michael Jackson's Thriller. The new remixes are as follows

PYT (remix) ft. Will.I.Am - kinda hot
Wanna Be Startin Somethin' ft. Akon - kinda not
Beat It ft Fergie - kinda weird
and I haven't listened to the rest of the remixes but I gotta say, PYT (original) still a favorite. But Caroline, thanks, that gift was great, especially the brownie cakes. And I also happen to know you don't check the blog so I will thank you in person too

also thanks to:

Edward for the gift card, now I can get ring tones
Sammy for the two red balloons
Trevanie, Gare-bear and Cher-y Berry for the tees and the hoody
Erkul for the Homeroom tee B)
Val for the everything
Cindy for the wedding invitation
and if I forgot someone, I feel pretty moded

Last night's bowling happened like this

and I tripped and fell while bowling and Gary's tailbone kept hurting because he looks like, and is, an old man. 'Bout sums up the bowling.

Oh shoot, just started listening to...

Billie Jean (remix) ft Kanye West - It's good too, maybe it's because it's a MJ-Kanye collab.

Thanks again, guys

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time To Update The Blog

So I need to tend to the blog every great once in a while. I have been too lazy to take the camera just about everywhere I go these days so I have been just using the iPhone a lot. Well on Wednesday, BFF Little Dumpling hooked it up with tickets to the warriors game!! and if any of you saw the game versus the celtics, you'll know how great of a game it was. Pictures to follow

The beast and the beast master

ha, isn't that great
That's the view I had during the game the whole time
ha! sike
ok ok, now that my update of the Warrior's game is done, Thursday nothing happened. It was check out a Firebird and Chevy's Night. No pictures but crashed at fungy's house with Toby after to watch some Comcast On Demand Colbert and Stewart edition, then went home to... wake up late today for school. Oh well. I DID how ever get an early birthday present =D

and that's my day, I'd upload another song but Gary Yu recommended that I not do so for safety reasons... ha I want to upload anyways, hold on

Ellen Page and Michael Cera - Anyone Else But You Listen Here
a lot of people know this as the "Juno song" but I know a few others will shake their heads at this ignorance. I'm sure someone listens to The Moldy Peaches and they did the original but it just doesn't sound as great as the Juno version so here it is

thanks <3

Monday, February 18, 2008


"The funny thing was the light changed and the wooMan was running but it was like one of those types of runs where your trying to act really gay, like Chris Lee running. "

ahem, this is what I get for not adding you to my favorite on my iPhone huh. Just because I dont happen to be the most athletic does not mean you can compare my running with a guy/girl. die die die

you hate me and I can't find any blackmail pictures of you.

on a totally unrelated note, Edwin sent me this one song that I really like

Blue & Exile - Soul Amazing Download Here

That's It

I can't get you off my mind, Mr West

Yes homo. Which tshirt do I get? I need to be in my kanye gear.


Guys, I just don't know, help it out.
My Birthday Is Coming Up ;)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

what what what what

I had to post because the kanye video was interrupting the layout but uh... I always got some random pictures to show you. Let me pull them out real quick

Picture 1: Restaurant I ate at today called Pyramid Brewery, oh man that was good. We had the sampler soda thing, from l-r orange soda, vanilla creme, ginger ale, root beer
Picture 2: My brother in my grandma's fur coat. Grandma loves this thing, brother defiled this thing
Picture 3: Sarah Pearce Hart's octopus!
Picture 4: Fungy's blood on a toothpick
oh oh oh, story. Our plan was to try a different place for lunch everyday before we graduate. Bad plan. We walk aaallll the way to divis and california and go to this little chinese restaurant, order some food and wow. He orders the salty fish and chicken fried rice and guess what, it comes with large chunks of sea rocks, yum! He ends his meal all bloodied in the mouth and oh yea, we get the bill WITH the food neatly hidden under the sliced oranges. Never going to this place again.
yee yee bye

Thursday, February 14, 2008

But Really, Flashing Lights Lights Lights Lights

EDIT: WHOA, I just watched the video, some stuff may be explicit, specifically that model in the beginning, hide the kids when watching AND this is only part 1 of 3 to come.

I know I'm all over kanye as of late and I know that this music video JUST came out like a day ago so in case you all aren't kanye fanatics, here's the video


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mr Woolgar left this for the US?

this is too funny. The House of Commons is tooooo hilarious. If C-SPAN were like this, well... I'd watch more C-SPAN

ahhh!! Gordon Brown again!

pick it good

Blog Worthy

see that Big "1" in blue, that is where I'll be for the Kanye Glow In The Dark Tour. April April. Good thing I had Jeannie to ordere the tickets, I refreshed one too many times too early and they suspended the site for me a bit oooohweeeee

EDIT: Seat location: section FLR 1, row 32, seats 11-14
flashing lights lights lights lights

Sunday, February 10, 2008

mastascabba: thanks. you're my favorite slave

requested Joi Cambell - Watch Me download here

quite a coincidence that his screen name is mastascabba. The song is alright I guess. You like that nose picture? Jackson, I'm sorry you weren't on the favorites list on my phone. Forgive me, right? You have.... nice hair ^__^. Nothing really exciting today though except for the meister burger and chili fries I had at lunch.

Now feast your eyes on this little gem of a photo
Sorry, Ms. Jackson whooooooo I AM FOR REEEEAAAALLLL

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Quick Breakdown of My Day

So you know how I just talked about trimming my nose hairs? well I took the liberty to actually give you all a visual
so fresh and so clean clean. Now I went to Stussy today for the sale. Those very smart people, sale right after all the chinese kids get paid. Well as I stood in line for the low low low time of 10ish minutes

drum roll please....... pictures from my iphone =D

macro isn't all that great but you dont expect it to be. RIGHT as we got in line that one japanese dude that is the boss at Stussy handed these out and told us to just hang around until 5 minutes before opening time, and that is exactly what we did. check it out

When we got back in line, we could see through the window that they were getting the free hot dogs ready!!! niiiiice
alright, here are the pickups in case you wanted to know or were just the least bit curious. tees were 12 dollars and the hoodies 35 dollars. All in all a good deal
Well after a bit of San Ramoning, I came home with this snug in my pocket
oh shoot, a bonus!??! yea of course. This was weeks ago but I felt that you guys might be interested. Let me introduce you to the beast known best as.... JOEY!

Sammy: I'll tell you what's beast
Erik: That face!

sorry Joey, I hope you don't see this, I also hope my mom doesn't see the previous post. She'll never forgive me

Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all


I trimmed my nose hairs just now. I must say, it is quite a tedious task. At one end, you wanna trim the nose hairs that can be seen outside of the nose but at the same time, if you got crappy sister, you yank the hairs and you are brought to tears. I used my mom's scissors, I think she trims her bangs with them? oh well

Sorry, Mom

Friday, February 8, 2008

Another PSA

India Clay Oven apparently has buffets at lunch time for the low low low low price of $8.95 but the only drawback is that the Chicken Tikka Masala was missing =(. On the other hand you get fresh, hot naan right from the kitchen.

and if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's this place

Looks like Craigslist is the place to vent


haha, ain't that something. Well that is exactly the reason why I try to avoid the 30 stockton as much as possible. In other news, I have not had the time to take pictures of my jeans post-wash, not that many really care seeing but uh... my mom says it makes my butt look cuter. Mmhmm, love her

Readying myself for Stussy and San Ramon

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Raw Denim to....Cooked?

Well, I gave my friend my denim to wash for me because he has some kind of special denim detergent from Japan and his drum in his dryer is already blue from his other denim. Here are some pictures of it before the wash, pictures of the post-wash will put up tomorrow. Oh man, I haven't washed these for at least 6 days*, cant wait to see how they turned out

*quantity of time may vary.

anyways, what song do I have for you guys today... is this blog a music blog? I hope not. Check out this ugly tshirt that won a contest though

yea yea yea, no music today but uh... Chinese New Year tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well, honestly, I really don't know which sale to go to this Saturday. I do have to go to a family Chinese New Year party out in San Ramon but I guess I'll wake up early for this... Which to go to, which to go to. No basketball on Saturday, Horseman? wanna go? yea sure, pick me up early

Well, this is just info for you guys, maybe I'll see you there

And I can't leave you without a song so I randomly downloaded this one.
Common ft. Lauryn Hill - Stay download here
I mean, you really can't go wrong with a Common AND Lauryn Hill track. It's pretty nice. I know a few of you don't care for Common Sense but Lauryn is loved everywhere. Yes, that is an assumption and yes I am always right.
See ya later

Saturday, February 2, 2008

ANOTHER package!?

Yes, yes yes! The post office delivers on even the most rainy days. Let's check it out

Yup, there's my baby, all soft and fluffy from the mailman. Mmmm, wonder what's inside
Yea, so I rip it open and look at what I find with my package.... Really though, do I get to look like this by purchasing their stuff?
yea, on that American Apparel hype. I mean it's soft I guess but...yea.
The white balance was being tricky... hold on. ah, yea, well you get the idea

maaaaan. this post was USELESS.... let me save it. Here's a song

Busta Rhymes - C'mon all my Niggaz All My Bitches download here
well how about THAT for an explicit title though. you definitely will not be bumping this on your way to church. The super fast violin beat with the super fast busta bus. check it out

Good Night!

Friday, February 1, 2008

You get an LOL

you cynic, you