Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mr. Post Man Sent to MeEEeeEeeee

A present of some sorts. alright, and here is a step by step process to help raise the excitement levels.

My mother calls me at work telling me I got a package, excitedly I ask her, "who's it from! who's it from!". She takes a deep sigh and goes "uughh, now I have to get up, hold on". She came back and told me it was from the company that I bought the jacket from and lo and behold, as I entered the house I saw the package waiting for me!
and after i ripped open the package
ugh, had to rip off that unnecessary plastic packaging too! Just getting me all excited
and yea, reppin that

speaking of things that have nothing to do with anything, Michael was smiling like a crazy, glowing smile I was were walking off campus during lunch. I turn towards him and ask "why are you smiling so much?" He happily replies "I just cant WAIT for my free philly cheese steak!". ahhh, simple things like food make me happy too. Let me find some musics for you real quick.

feeling like... Nirvana....

Nirvana - In Bloom download here
This was the song I saw the guy singing at Best Buy in front of the Rock Band demo set up

aside from my creepy self shooting footage while our victims sang to the unknown youtube world, I think this song is pretty cool, we'll just leave Kurt Cobain to do the singing

and one more
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit download here
It's like one of the top 10 songs ever according to Rolling Stone Magazine so it has to be SOME kind of great
Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box
Oh yea, can't forget this one. I looove playing this on guitar hero. I think I just really like guitar hero for the fact that it does not help me in any way to play the actual guitar better.
Randy Randy Randy Randy

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I guess it's a daily thing

I was thinking about this song again but since my hard drive is pretty much broken forever, that means TOO many songs to redownload, probably just wont. Yea, here it is.

Kanye West ft. Mos Def - Good Night download here

yea, I love this song. So much better than that "drunk and hot girls" track they did. Mos Def singing, or better yet, crooning. what can beat that? Yeah, I wonder if this is kind of illegal to upload all of these songs to share with you guys. Oh well, share back

hmm... Awkward

So I could never get that handshake down, nope. The awkward one where it's all complicated and involves a "man-hug" of some sorts. You know, the one that all guys greet other guys with except that EVERYONE does it different? So I see a few people outside of the building after school that I happened to know. They yells "Chris!". They get out of the car and I'm thinking to myself "oh ok, I can do this, yea I can do this, just go up to them and say 'hi', right?". Nope, he pulls his hand up in the air and is about to make contact with mines. "Do I shake his hand? where does my thumb go? Why is his hand so moist?" As these questions run through my mind, the awkwardness and the fumbling of hands is finally over. I wanted to ask him "can i try that again? please?" yea, it's one of those one time deals. But to give you a visual, it happened something like this.

yea, except not

Now that I am done with my first person narrative, I will tell you what I'm doing AT THIS VERY MOMENT. I am sitting at work as most of the people are gone, just trying to accumulate hours to get more cash money. Maybe enough to purchase a vehicle? nah. Ok, time to get a ride from MUNI.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guess what?

Did you know that American Apparel hoodies are cheaper on Even after shipping you save a few dollars AND it's shipped to your door. Gotta get on that. Yea, about to get the black one. Total is $35.61, guess that is reasonable for an American Apparel hoody.

But um... so my external hard drive, my dad and I cracked it open with a screwdriver and then I found out that...

yea, irreplaceable! How did that happen? my dad is about to get his techie friends to help it out so it'll be cool. Really though, so many songs, won't be able to add them to the iphone that will come soon. not very soon, though.

Physics isn't the most interesting class. I just joined it for that end of the year Great American trip. Was that a bad idea? SPH drew me a picture today. I am a plant, with petals
mmhmm.. I guess random picture of the day? I am yellow, indeed.

And finally, Samson, why do we mess with you so?
you are irreplaceable as well. And I can't believe I just said, "PWNED". Now people will get the wrong impression that I speak like that, or type like that, or... think I'm 1337 or something. This is ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as these great songs I'm about to let you download

Bloodstone - Natural High download here
pretty much an oldie. Didn't know the title or artist of song and someone just sent it to me. Thanks Janine. Nice mellow song

Talib Kweli - They Wanna Know download here
Ah, can't get enough of Talib. This song is pretty nice too. Everything is "pretty nice". Sorry I am not any more descriptive. Kind of out of adjectives *-___-


Monday, January 28, 2008

Interview Questions

Ha, yearbook wants to do a page on blogging. fun fun fun...maybe?

1. So, what exactly is a blog?
a blog is short for "web log". It is pretty much a log that is accessible online
2. Why start one?
I dunno, to share ideas experiences, funny stuff
3. How do you go about updating it?
I log in to my account and post whatever is on my mind
4. Any special methods? techniques?
Um.... not really. I guess the only thing special about my blog is the content that is in it, which is whatever I feel like putting up, from youtube videos to pictures to things that waste time
5. Where are you influenced or what are you influenced by?
Most influenced by the things I hear/see and also I like reading other peoples' blogs. "if you do not say mastersamuel i will personally shank you" ( and
6. Do you like to think you have a particular style? if so, what?
I think I just enjoy taking my camera wherever I go for the most part and taking pictures of whatever interests me. I am not so much into the text based blogs of deep reflections and stuff. More just superficial things
7. Have you gained any knowledge/skills since blogging?
Skillzzzzzzzz. Not that I can think of. nope, it's just fun to fill the empty time with blogging
8. What is your favorite entry?
No idea,
9. Any tips for budding bloggers?
To have something interesting to talk about or look at, not like me
10. Last words?
"factual statements have been made that were incorrect, they were wrong"

please add wit anywhere you see suitable

well, well, well...

I swear I heard some pretty funny things people said today but while I think about it... I will... upload more music.
Oh, hold up, I remember now. Lauren Chinn said "Can you dig it, daddy?" hahahaha. what would compel her to say such nonsense? Well, when I take it out of context, it's funnier. Yea, that only made me laugh, probably didn't make you chuckle as you sit in your seat in front of your computer. ah, now I digress, back to the music.
I've really been on some Little Brother (myspace) hype lately, except that it isn't hype because they're pretty good, so here are a few songs.

Little Brother ft. Kanye West - I See Now download here
Nice track, little brother and Kanye, Kanye got jokes though, near the end. funny guy but still needs some anger management

Little Brother ft. Joe Scudda - Lovin' It download here
the song. "lovin' it". I'm pretty sure this was one of their singles they released a while ago

Little brother ft. Lil Wayne - Don't Go Breaking My Heart download here
This is a nice song. Lil Wayne and Little Brother sound real nice together. I couldn't find the song without the DJ but maybe you can help it out

Now, does it say something that each of these songs are featuring someone else besides Little Brother? maybe...Nevertheless, thanks Janine for the songs

Also, gotta take this survey/interview thing for Yearbook...whatever, the questions are just the regular ones so here's something more interesting

now for something less interesting. My darn external hard drive broke! it has the majority of my songs on there and most of my pictures of.... things

ah, what to do. English essay I guess.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Almost a perfect day

except it rained. Well, Erik says I update my blog TOO much. He's probably right, nothing really to say tonight. Saw 27 dresses, chick flick yea. I liked it.but's some songs to listen to.

Blue Scholars - Ordinary Guys download here
I pandora'd this one. I like it I like it. Nice mellow-ish beat, the piano and stuff...

Pete Rock ft. Grap Luva - Collector's Item download here
another pandora one. just take a listen maybe?

Friday, January 25, 2008


Went to shabu shabu house. mmhmm pretty great. If you go, don't get the spicy miso soup, it really overpowers the taste of anything you put in it. I recommend the ginger chicken broth. Now THAT is tasty and allows you to enjoy the kobe beef and lamb and the flavors that make your tongue go "oOoo". 12 bucks for a regular sized portion of meat (plenty of meat) and if you're feeling extra manly, try the Large size for 15 bucks. This should be on yelp!

yea, we all gotta get creative with the angles and such... pretty clean place
Competition at work. OUCH
sooo much food, meat, veggies, udon, MEAT. Talk about some quality meat though. Lamb and REAL kobe beef.
playing with the white balance on my camera, Gary pondering about life... Leslie wasting no time working on her food. Look at those quick hands!
and of course, meat galooooooorreeee

rainy bus days with my homies
how about some music for you to download. Always an incentive to keep coming back to the blog

The Kooks - Naive download here
I dunno, I like this song and Lily Allen has a version too.. here download here . you can judge for yourself which is better

and if you were curious/one of my 17 stalkers, check out more pictures I took today of the many events I participated in. SEE YA! and of course the pictures >__<

Thursday, January 24, 2008

(Insert witty title here)

Okay, another request for a song. And if you clicked on these links, you'd see all of them only have about one download hit each. ha. here it goes

K-O's - Sunday Morning download here
Was heard at Metro Park. Metro is "in" and anyone that is even REMOTELY metro hasto love their songs...right? haha, oh well, give the song a listen

and actually I found more songs that I want to share
Talib Kweli - What I Seen download here
So pretty much, Talib samples The Beatle's Eleanor Rigby except it has some weird woman also singing over but I like Eleanor Rigby and Talib Kweli, just not sure about both together

Talib Kweli ft. Phil the Agony - The City download here
I know you really like this song so I uploaded it just for you even though you don't really check my blog. I hope you feel better, son.

and that is it for tonight

More songs to download

Hmm... was bored and some people requested songs so here it goes

Fat Joe ft. J. Holiday - I won't tell download here
yea, those radio hits um... this was the requested song and so I found the highest quality one I could find. Better appreciate it, you!
Jay-z ft. Lil Wayne - Hello Brooklyn 2.0 download here
Pretty much have had this song on repeat once I downloaded the album "Brooklyn Soul" a mash up between Marvin Gaye and Jay-z and it's pretty great. Lil Wayne singing? haha, classically trained he is
And now for some, more of a mellow hip hop feel. ah, nevermind, too lazy to download more songs. Maybe another day

now that the music pirating is out of the way, I came home to this
Yes, a letter from the infamous Jeriel Ong. for some reason my adress got blurred when I took the picture but Jeriel's adress is fully visible... send him things, he'll enjoy it. Not much to do when you're a college student.

Turns out, he wrote me a nice letter that warmed my heart. Not much can warm my heart, and almost certainly it is never a bunch of words that does the trick! Well I guess all that boarding school education paid off. Now if he'd only write a letter like this to the girl he is pursuing.... all 18 of them. Nah, his hand would cramp up.
Thanks for the letter, Helmet.

yea, pretty eventful day besides the mail I received. weak

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So the frozen yogurt craze has leaked from Korea to Southern California where "probiotic" yogurt is all the rage at frozen yogurt chains such as Pinkberry and Red Mango (although I DO hear that Red Mango is slightly better through some, um... okay I guess they are reliable, resources. So many links so far.... but okay, back on topic. um um um found this article about the frozen yogurt craze and how it has finally leaked into our Northern Californian territories, oh! Remember a while ago when I talked about Jubili on Fillmore? yea riiiight... here and here too . wow okay now to finally stop digressing, actually I had no point really but to show you guys the article.


and so what I'm basically saying is that, it tastes good and might be an alternative to say... sago?

hmm, maybe not maybe not but yea try it. It makes me feel cool, maybe it'll be a great confidence booster for you as well.

hmm, alright well today was not much more of an exciting day than yesterday's. I woke up even later today but it's not like I had a real class. I mean, advisory, just another class to be confined in a room. Not the most productive thing either. I fear that I complain a lot. How about that Invisible Man though. Caroline was right, aside from the racial violence and incestuous tendencies, it really isn't living up to its title as an AP Lit novel. oh hold up, a lot of the AP LIT list of books is lackluster. Today is Wednesday. wow. How about some more bowling and/or sago and/or a dinner and/or movie. That is pretty much what my nights out consist of anyways.

Moving on, check it out "How to avoid awkward situations" which includes
How to Escape a Story Repeater (not you, Samuel)
How to Escape a Sermon (not you, Rev)
How to Escape a Dull Conversation at a Party (yes, Gary, that's "Yu". ugh, ugly puns)
and many more. Sammy brought this to my attention and I hope he does not blog about it as well. can't be redundant with it

I get to be on the "blog page" of the yearbook =)

sooo many links

so little pictures

alright, filled my picture quota and now finally...let's weetart it up

Cutty Ranks - Limb by Limb download here
by request. old school reggae?
2face Idibia - African Queen download here
found it on a myspace
Ray J ft. Yung Berg - Sexy Can I download here
so maybe I just kind of like this song, degrading women and all
Teriyaki Boyz - Still Love H.E.R. download here
don't hate on the Teriyaki Boys! I like it too, even though they start rapping nonsense (Japanese)
Marvin Gaye x Ying Yang Twins Mash Up download here
so I like this song too

I don't wanna say goodbye, to you
So I'ma just say good night, to you

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's time for more pictures

Mr. Gass Break Dip: Chris, get back to work. Is that going on the blog?-wake up-
Clock: 9:48
C Block Starts: 9:48
Me: %^&*(*&^%$

mmhmmm... and then we had a whole bunch of non-profit organizations like Delancey Street come to our school to help us figure out a topic for our social injustice project. Haha, so Delancey Street, they help prostitutes, dope fiends, convicts and all with their lives. My man Gerald was incarcerated for selling drugs so he has changed his life around... selling trees =D. Also, there was Gary the Aryan (Garyan) who changed his white supremacist gang life around and now is Gerald's boss. hmm... there was also an obese black lady who thought it would be a good idea for us to play with toxins in the Bay View Hunter's Point district and claimed to learn to make "healthy" food. Well if I got thunder thighs, then I don't know WHAT her arms are. I don't know what to say...A block wasn't all that productive. Maybe something will be cool tomorrow

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Costco Outting

Aw, no pictures today except for the picture that I will illustrate with my clever diction.

ahem. First thing my father says to me is, you are NOT getting those ridiculous glasses, they do not fit on your face (I need glasses because I haven't had a new pair since 8th grade). I was kind of sad and didn't like my limiting to some generic brand glasses from costco so I just wanted the biggest most plastic and flexible ones because I am quite an active boy). well, after I got my contacts I was in charge of driving the cart.

Okay, my mother and father are squeezing their way through people fitting barely pass others and I have a cart. Just a reminder, carts at Costco happen to NOT be smaller than people, it is actually MUCH bigger. So it's like me barely keeping up with the parentals who are on a hunt for wholesale food items. I am frantically cutting in and out with the cart almost hitting many elderly people in their professor X type wheelchairs and then two carts coming in my direction. UGH, aggravating. Every stall or traffic jam builds on to the impatience growing. And then I get ridiculous with the steering and maneuvering and accidentally hit someone in the foot. And out of all the people to hit it is a GIANT of a man who steers coldly through my soul.... well enough of that, I finally reach my parents who are standing in line waiting for me and give up with the cart abandoning it with them.

Ah, finally I find one of those big, comfy, and suede ;), couches to sit on. It's kind of big and there is another person sitting on the other end of it already. Well hey, I got my ipod in the ears listening to whatever whatever and all of a sudden a boy, a giant of a boy at that, decides to plop himself next to me. When I say plop I mean like get some air time before his butt reaches the couch. Oh geez, then he repeatedly bounces his head onto the headrest and I think he might have already been short on brain cells anyways. All of a sudden, I think to myself, I don't THINK this sofa had a massage feauture, oh wait, as I turn to my left to see what is vibrating, it is the boy scratching fanatically , spraying all of his dead skin cells on me! and then he literally HOPS away. NO. JOKE.

Okay, and more thing saw the cutest (obese) kid in this grey sweatsuit and he was running around and Grandma was trying to catch him but he was like a buttered up pig or something, pretty funny

I don't think I like these really long posts that lack pictures, bye

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Haight Additions

Ah, there is finally a video that surfaced. Ghost and Stussy Collabo. mmhm. Samuel, you probably have seen this?

Lazy Saturday Nights

Oh blogspot readers, too lazy to get the camera cable so that I can share with you the awesome photos I took. Alas, I am tucked away into my bed with the laptop. Just saw Cloverfield though and I must say the ending was a bit disappointing but upon further research (IMDB and wikipedia), I found out that there is a LOT of promo work that was done. The characters in the film have their own fictional myspaces as well as many secrets throughout the movie and very vague promos. It was also filmed under the name "Bertha" and was almost titled "cheese". all very interesting, I know so read more on your own HERE

Let me just try and pull up some interesting pictures on the computer to talk about....

mmhmm, team of scientists with the shark rocket. Quite some handy craftsmanship yup yup. Bye. Oh and I am updating for you, Jackson, sir

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Daily Rant

What's wrong with this picture?Toby: "What I don't understand is, why do you pay so much money for a paint job and some rims and your car doesn't even work?!"

see the car parked in front of this monstrosity? yea, that is his other car, so he had to ditch the green monster and drive off in that other bucket of his. And so maybe this wasn't a rant and chances are this will not be daily. hmmm... ok so I like eavesdropping right. First, let me paint the picture. It's morning time in Physics class and we aren't doing anything because we finished all our rocket science learning and what not and so,we'll call her Jill, is doing her routine thing of copying answers off of poor Michelle because our table, in her view, is incapable of doing the work so that she could transcribe it on to her paper. Weeellllllll, Jill had some of these on...

and so the conversation goes a little something like this
Jack:Where'd you get those shoes? -points to moccasins-
Jill: oh, I don't know -rolls eyes- why?
Jack: because those are SO sick. SOO sick
Jill: -now happier because of the fact that someone acknowledges that she might have some sense of fashion- oh! teehee
Jack:Yea, my dad wears those. hahaha
Jill:-and as fast as she is happy she becomes annoyed- oh, b**** -continues to copy homework off of smart asian Michelle-
Chris: -off in the corner- HAHAHAHHAHA

well.... so maybe i eavesdrop a bit too much and laugh out loud at the wrong time but uh uh uh uh, I scribbled furiously into my daily planner after this incident occurred so as to let everyone else hear and maybe chuckle, or shake their head disapprovingly, as they read the conversation
mmhmm.. this is just a filler post. bye

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gmail Smileys

put to good use

and for the record, this was "off the record"

more quality time with the camera

So my bathroom faucet wont stop leaking because my dad and I tried doing something to it and uh, well I found this to be an opportune time to try and see how great my point-and-shoot camera was.

I guess this is one thing that a SLR does better. Now that that is over, I was trying to eat for cheap so I was at Miyako's. It is pretty much a sandwich your mom makes you with all of the condiments and stuff except that the woman making it is not your mom. Well they had an excerpt from the SF Bay View newspaper. woman is mad because the police are targeting her and other African Americans on the T train and just "doing TOO much" because they dont have transfers or proof of payment.
ha, oh my bad, they are the "HO-lice"

haha. what else what else... so my meal wasn't filling and uh...decided to stop by that one frozen yogurt shop that is very much like Red Mango and Pinkberry except for that it is in San FranciscoAwkward moment:
Antonio: are you really taking a picture of your food?

Michael moment:
Antonio: can I get some?
Me: sure
Mike: oh my god this so gay. People are walking byus and they are going "look, it's guys sharing yogurt", this is so gay, who does that? Guys, we're SHARING YOGURT. *rushes to subway for meat because it is what real men eat*

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

update of today in pictures




Monday, January 14, 2008

Okay Okay It came

And I love free

garyitsyu (7:49:02 PM): OMG i just got that tee shirt
garyitsyu (7:49:06 PM): for 16 dollars
garyitsyu (7:49:15 PM): different color tho
Chrisleetyped (7:49:33 PM): really?
Chrisleetyped (7:49:40 PM): which one
garyitsyu (7:50:18 PM): white and red
garyitsyu (7:50:20 PM): the one u got for free
Chrisleetyped (7:50:22 PM): haha
Chrisleetyped (7:50:23 PM): LOL
Chrisleetyped (7:50:25 PM): from where
garyitsyu (7:50:29 PM): atlas
garyitsyu (7:50:33 PM): they had a sale

thanks for telling me about the sale

Food Post

Well I have been frequenting Coriya Hot Pot and it has become an addiction type of sorts but I think I need to move on. Also Coriya Hot Pot on Clement sucks, have to head out to the Richmond or Millbrae-area one. Okay, but Shabu House. whoa whoa whoa whoa, sounds good. Been yelping all day while catching up on homework


and of course a few pictures

back to homework