Friday, June 27, 2008


NY Moma
Daily Show with Jon Stewart with special musical guests, Coldplay

Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty
Hot Dog hunting

2 hour Grand Central Station tour....yea
Jump, a martial arts/comedy performance
THE apple store that's open allllll the time

pictures one day

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shopping so far


I've so far found all the stores with ease.

Uniqlo, it's basically like American Apparel but a bit bigger and a bit more homo. As I approached an employee about where the men's jeans were located, another male employee quickly grasped him from behind and groped him which was a bit awkward for me and much more awkward for him

Then I made my way to supreme. I pulled on the door and it didn't budge and the employee just stared at me through the glass window. After about 10 seconds of pacing on front of the store I decided to push, and what do ya know, it opens. So I go in and get some stuff and as I sign the receipt because I pay with debit, the employee just leaves. Great service *-___-

Stussy store is pretty cool, much bigger than the one on Haight. Some kid goes in and asks for a shoe and gives the employee an attitude. Cursing ensues. let's see... a memorable quote from the store. This has nothing to do with the drama but the employee goes "I'm gonna go in the back and eat this homo". heh
I then found my way to the kid robot store, oohwhee there are two floors and much more toys but sadly no free stickers. oh well

I am now at the apple store updating you on all that has gone on so far

Pictures to come tonight

OH kay.

so after the apple store, I headed over to Kid Robot in hopes that there would be some free stickers. It's much bigger than the Haight one with two floors and much much more stuff along with stuff done by artists.

self-portrait hmmm.. that's a cool mirror though with the kid robot light

Then headed over to APC with their reputation for fine denim, browsed a bit and decided I really didnt have enough money not to say that this was the first store with actual helpful people. The guy was more than happy to help me with denim

Found the Union store next. Nothing really spectacular, just the regular minimalism approach like most shoe boutiques..

now along the way, I lost my uncle and aunt. Okay I lied, I ditched them at the first store we went to. Now on the way back towards my search of the tio's, I found BBC!!! was pretty cool, but the first thing I noticed, it smelled like fresh ice cream cones. I heard they also give out free ice cream every now and then

alright alright, it's lunch time and what do I do? I commit THE cardinal sin, I eat mexican food in New York. there really is no such thing as good mexican food in new york. -sigh-, oh well

after that I find Nort Recon. Gotta say this is one of the cooler looking stores with a clear wall of shoes and behind it you see their whole stock room. Also, they had a giant case full of limited air forces like the stash series of course along with a few others

Clientele was really cool too. Super nice staff, friendly and approachable. pretty simple set up in the store too
premium laces just gave me free stickers, nothing too special

Finally, I hit up Dave's Quality Meat, by far the coolest looking concept store with a whole deli case with shrink wrapped tshirt's, meat hooks to hang merchandise, and giant slaps of steak, also very friendly guys recognizing this little kid from the bay coming in and talking about "show this guy how we do it presidential in the bay". yea , okay

I <3>

Monday, June 23, 2008

Dial-up. the death of me

So I really wanna show you all around New York but the dial-up takes hours to upload just one picture. But I'll persevere and show you at least ONE picture

and so it is the truth. Flight Club maaaaaaan. the store's whole wall is consumed by the massive amounts of right foot sneakers. I wanted to get a t-shirt but ran out of my size so I'm gonna check the soho one

found this store by complete accident. Was only looking for chinatown. What else did I do today... Century 21. It's like a giant Marshall's. Didn't really find anything so I left empty-handed.

Tomorrow I'm hitting up Soho and Eastern Village. Stores on agenda?

-Kid Robot
-Dave's Quality Meat

I'll try to upload at least one picture of each store tomorrow

Thursday is Statue of Liberty Day

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hello Brooklyn

Im in brooklyn right now but I cant really upload pictures for you guys because I'm stuck with Dial-up over here

I was so giddy on arrival to SFO. It's really cool actually, only my second time. But we had to go to international because Virgin Airlines is so new. It's kind of...interesting for lack of better word seeing some people cry as their loved ones depart to a whole different country. On a less emo note, Virgin Airlines, although a bit cramped, have some really cool feautures, like touch screen for music/tv/music videos/food and more. Plus, please believe that I took more than one of the free earphones they passed out.

Today I Grand Central Stationed it and Pizza'd along with, so far, the best FroYo place I've been to so far. Speaking of froyo...DHO. but okay, basically they had the widest selection of froyo and plus it was self serve with unlimited toppings. Taro froyo, so oh oh good.

Let me back up though to Senior trip and then some since it's already on my flickr..

no wait, back up to senior breakfast, how Toby and I made up 95% of the senior population at, what we thought was a senior breakfast.

that Ramilo woman really tried to reconcile her relationship with Toby as he continously sassed her with no shame whatsoever telling her how "we can never be friends, no". hahah too funny, except that he was serious

this is what Tahoe mainly consisted of. I guess we'll share and bond another time... without the tv.

check it, a teaser of senior dinner?

Maid in Manhattan?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm too tired

I was gonna blog just now but I'm just too tired. Visit tomorrow for some coooooooooooooooooool pictures ;)

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm So Proud

This might be kind of long. With all of the graduations this week, it has become a pretty momentous occasion after another. The first one was my brother's graduation. I really was and am proud of that kid.

and so the legacy continues...
wasn't feelin grandma
or my mother constantly pestering him
but a lot of the family came through
gang signs and all

and of course, Timothy's supporting cast
after that we spent a little bonding time at Burgermeister and got ready for the next graduation. Washington High School's graduation was Jeriel, Sammy and I. That was pretty fun, and by fun I mean many hours under the beating sun nonetheless it was well worth seeing all the kids.

First up, Stevie
and next, JohnnyDcKc
Valerie Kam, I think she was excited to see Jeriel
my roommate
ooohweee, Collin Leung. yes yes yes yes
Felix AAAUUUUU yeung, also very excited/exciting
and the only person that would take a picture with me after the graduation. ^____^
speaking of which, after such a.... graduation, Jeriel, Sammy and I were famished so we decided to head over to Burma Superstar. In case you haven't seen Jeriel in a while because of all the time he spends in SoCal, here he is!
and like Sammy talked about, he blew a little bit too hard and out came blooooood.

keep bleeding, keeep keeep bleeding blood
was hard for him to eat, and Jeriel and I (mostly Chris though) were laughing non-stop as he struggled.
uh... I think he's choking

that's me tomorrow

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

express blog post

so uh, 826 valencia book release party at city hall

pictures of the night:

I get my old man on.

history of sunglasses: first worn/owned by elderly woman, now deceased but rightfully inherited by me.

place of origin found: Winchell's semi-newly purchased house
man we found who randomly crashed the party
policemen got mad because he was stealing the free tamales and stuffing it under his pom poms

the end is near

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Check Sammy's and Chris's blog for more thorough descriptions"

more thorough, less thorough, eh. Let me upload the pictures real quick...

so let's get this day started, we arrive at Stern Grove, get lost a bit then see a familiar vehicle

now let us go through the many disgruntled faces of Samuel as he waits and waits and waits to finally, officially graduate:

the "I'm-pondering-about-stuff-but-still-a-feeling-a-bit-impatient" face
the "I'm-still-feeling-impatient-so-i'll-look-down" face
the "I-want-to-graduate-now-so-i'll-make-eye-contact-with-chris" face
the "I-didn't-look-in-this-direcion-yet" face
and finally, I was gonna try to be clever with the post with the whole Kanye theme, of GRADUATION and this GOOD MORNING he picked to quote Mr. West:

"But you graduate when you make it up outta the streets
From the moments of pain
Look how far we done came
Haters saying ya changed
Now ya doing ya thing"

but the crowd really loved him. He really is the eloquent guy if you couldn't already tell from his...yea

or something like that, and the only clever things the trio (horse, erik, chris) could think of to yell at him to further embarass him was:

Horse: MR WEST


I got my gogogogogogogogogogo Sammy Go

but uh...
tee hee, he's sitting like a girl
finally got his diploma! we all cheered at this point and attempted our "gogoogo..." chant
when it was all said and done, Samuel said what's up to his homies
his homie didn't like his speech though, Samuel wasn't ready for a nice fist

just kidding! he just wanted to congratulate!we celebrated with the stolen apple cider at ono's, the stole apple cider that Samuel specifically told us not to steal. We just scoffed at such an absurd idea and then....took it.

cheers to class of '08