Monday, May 26, 2008

Strawberry Hill - Adobe Party - Prom - Prom - Monterey


Prom is over and that means I'm almost out of high school. This is really surreal, I'm about to depart from my final required years of learning. It's just really crazy.

Thursday, Sarah, Alex, and I took a stroll along strawberry hill to feed the geese to kill time before the Adobe party. Basically, all seniors have to do a final end of the year social injustice project for Civics and this year Adobe helped us out. Our group (Katie, Sarah, Alex, Me) managed to somehow persuade the people at Adobe to pick our video out of a few schools they were working with along with a couple other groups from Gateway to show to their people or whatever. Well, they provided lots of food and a free 2gb flash drive which will become very handy.

but before that, I have more to talk about. I went to Alex Fung's house and found funny things as I was rummaging through all of his possessions

I'm not sure he read this book as thoroughly as he should have
haha, the measure of a man
hooked on phonics, he claims it was just on sale
okay, back to the adobe party, the urinals had some cool metallic-y mats to catch, uh, urine

the end... of Adobe Thursday. now onto the other things, like prom.

I mean, I guess if you really wanted to, you could resort to facebook for all your photographic needs but here's a video of a souljah boy reenactment

so besides taking videos of others at prom while I should be commanding the dance floor, not much more to say about prom. It is what it is. oh, but I do not learn, Gateway's prom had some more footage to be seen.

Monterey Bay Aquarium! hehe. That was fun. Stayed at travelodge, only the most luxurious. looked around at night, the wharf reminds me of the wharf at san francisco, tourist shops and all. The aquarium, the highlight was definitely the jellyfish, just so amazing to stare at. Got sea animal shaped lollipops for the road and now I'm back home.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Late but....

Dwayne Wade bought his mama a CHURCH for mother's day. oohwee.. take notes

More Lunchtime Lunacy

Cartilage piercing huh...

had me help him put the little dot on his ear for the woman to pierce, she kind of pierced it higher than he wanted, piercing above the dot. woooooooow

that's what an 8 dollar piercing gets ya. I guess the above picture doesn't make it look as bad though.

But really, we have no idea what to do for lunch today so instead of feeding ourselves we get piercings. "Piercing Monday's" it is.

now for the random

I entitle this one "young love"
it's uh..... cute? =P, who says cute

master samuel at it again..... or maybe caroline wong

quite good with the ms paint skilllz

now this is definitely samuel

stay tuned for tattoo tuesday

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Physics Day

Friday was physics day for most schools and wow, never seen Great America so crowded. Just to get dippin' dots was a ridiculous wait. I had a really sore throat so I couldnt scream on any of the rides and on top of that, Great America only sells fried food or really sugary sweet food so I really cant even make a noise without pain right now *-____-. Went on all the great rides though, of course.

Invertigo, classic, lovely wait in line
Newly named Flight Deck, formerly known as Top Gun. Still cool, lamer line wait without the constant video and audio playing.
Then on the log ride.... Conor likes being mean so... I record it

Always a must at amusement parks, the funnel cake with powdered sugar, apple topping AND soft serve

Then on the bus, well, our driver got a bit lost and took a nice scenic route which got some of my classmates a bit..tense. And this is our outlet, Eion and Gary

all in all, pretty great day

lots and lots of water

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So I might definitely be going to college! Biology and English are over so all I have is a physics final, which isn't during finals week and a math final which is the only real final. whoa, crazy. I'll believe it when they start handing out the cap and gowns. this is too crazy. Yesterday I didnt even have to go to school. D block free, C block Ms. G. said we didnt even have to have class, B Block we watched the Beowulf movie in AP LIT specifically to criticize and mock it and A block for physics we... well, we just talked about Great America Friday.

I'd say the sky was especially nice this evening so I ventured onto the lower roof outside my window to relax and take a few pictures...


days are getting slower

So I just finished all my AP tests. Those free responses are tricky so...
yea, great proctoring at Gateway. Camera out while taking test...always

A leisurely activity I've taken up since the end of AP exams is photography as seen here
SF get ready for that heat wave. Physics day at Great America is going to be ridiculously and almost unbearably hot. Time to dip into some dippin' dots and funnel cakezzz.

music one time, maybe two time:

Leavin' (remix) ft Baby Bash download here
yea, luckily it's not just another remix with a verse inserted in between.
Everybody Nose (remix) ft. CRS and Pusha T download here
Honestly, this song kind of sucks. You'd think the next CRS single would be at least a bit better with Kanye and Lupe on the track but.... it kind of fails

Child Rebel Soldiers =(

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Memorable Mother's Day

How It Ended

Damaged, damaged
Damaged, damaged
I thought that I should let you know
That my car is
Damaged, damaged
So damaged
And you can blame the one before
So how you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it?
How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it?
(Baby, I gotta know, what you are gonna do, baby?)
How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it?
(Baby, I gotta know, what you are gonna do?)
How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it?
(Baby, I gotta know, what you are gonna do?)

That kind of sucks

(Click To Enlarge)

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Lost my camera cable for a minute. here we goooooo

Went to Picture Machine after school to get Katie's tattoo touched up.

ah, here we are
Alex Fung looking at some questionable tattoo choices. Mmhmm
And let's get to it. Alex and I sit next to her and take pictures of the experience for moral support
yeeeeees, DONE. check it check it check it out.
Katie's mother, the artist she is (no, really), drew the bird, now that's pretty great

and now, this is the product of me without the whole 10 and 2 on the wheel thing that everyone else raves about

college ten

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chin/Belly Comparison

Here is just a quick filler blog post. I've always made the comparison but now I give you visuals

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

guys. guys. GUYS. Wednesday was a pretty awful day

I woke up late. Rushed out of the house, car keys in hand. Couldnt find parking for the longest time. Found it and rushed to take my practice ap lit test.

Okay, not that bad of a day so far, so I'm about to eat lunch with Lauren and Michelle and as I start the car, I'm going..going and going a little bit more then I notice at the corner of my eye a slip of paper wedged in between the hood of my car. A PARKING TICKET! and from there, I yelled obscenities to the world. Lunch wasn't that great either but yea, that's it. $40 ticket!

Tuesday, went to the OTHER tutti melon in the marina district on Chestnut st. Gotta say, it's such an upgrade to the irving one.
How you ask. Well, for one thing they got a vast selection of gelato.

Also got a lot of different flavored aloe juices. You can also have aloe as a topping on your yogurt. The best part though is the green tea flavored frozen yogurt!
and then Walgreens had free 8 x 10 pictures at Walgreen's so as my mother and I walked in, I managed to catch a picture of the cashier with the fakest hair
oh yea, and I took that AP lit test today, awful

Monday, May 5, 2008

I slept at 7 last night thinking I'd opt to not do homework and feign sickness in the morning. Turns out I am very sick in the morning which leads me to post random whatnot's onto the blog. The first thing that comes to mind that should be shared to the world is a video I'll name.. ten and two

and then there are other things like...

I guess that's what happens when you lend the camera to others. That video also reminds me of other times Gary has allowed us to have our way with him.

Oh yea, tux'd it out for a bit on Saturday with Erik

yea, okay, good times

Thursday, May 1, 2008


School is killing me! just finished a 24 page "pre-lab/post-lab/excess amount of questions to answer" packet thing. Now that it has completely exhausted my fingers, I type some more for my blog.

Didn't start till 10:38 today so I ate breakfast. I would give you pictures but they are all of me... this is what happens when you are not the one behind the camera. But it was a nice restaurant named after a woman, well at least I'm hoping it's a woman. It has some above average ratings for its breakfast. Restaurant is called Ella's. I shared the scramble and had a hot chocolate. oh man, really nice place and our server was a nice man who sounded like
That's right, Cleveland from Family Guy is exactly what our waiter sounded like... except for the fact that he was white. oh, well here is ONE picture that is not of me but has to do with my continuance of the story. They happen to...
Eh, I kind of want to share with you what I ate though so.... here's some slightly embarassing/repulsive pictures of food, with me sprinkled in the pictures.

mmhmm, a healthcare fee. I thought that was slightly ridiculous. Is it because the restaurant is right next to UCSF? Well that was my day, oh and Evening of Action tomorrow at Gateway. About to dress all snazzy and what not.

And now off to school