Saturday, August 30, 2008

om nom nom'd

anyways, I'm here in Livermore right now at some nice hotel with a kitchen and stuff. This is the very first time one of my cousins are getting married so it's pretty big. At least she knows how to pick music.

Went to cheescake factory and already the appetizer I ordered came on four plates so you already know we had to be carried out of the place. Even after we reached our limit, there was room for dessert...cheesecake!
and my mother went "om nom nom nom nom"

so besides that, the only other thing to do in Livermore is go to Stoneridge mall. I checked out Macy's and saw this tshirt I wanted and it was only 20 dollars so I said to myself "do-able".
Then I see a sign and all of the olympic gear is 30% off and I'm really happy now. then my mama pulls out a newspaper clipping with another discount. cheap is good. total:$10.20

yeeeeaaaaa. go china

let's get married

Thursday, August 28, 2008

om nom nom nom

let's see...visited Sammy, Judy, Michelle and Katie yesterday after we got a bite to eat at Ikea. we went to a fellowship welcome night type of thing and they were doing some really nice skits and flash movie-type of presentations and it was looking real professionally done. While all the praising going on, this guy stood out.
yea, towering over everyone.

today, was a little Georgio's and my house. Got pizza and a really tasty calzone. Its remains being preserved in my fridge.

and yes, om nom nom nom

See you tomorrow, horse. and sammy

three musketeers! amigos. stooges?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ei ei 0HH: guess what
Ei ei 0HH: i forgot my vaseline

oh Horseman, he forgot the one thing that makes his lips happy.

Ei ei 0HH: burts is only for like at that moment
Ei ei 0HH: vaseline is healing
Ei ei 0HH: like jesus

well looks like college is starting to set in for some. Trying to get in my last hang-out times before some of them leave for good.

Erik, Gary and I went to Joy Sushi where the rolls are bigger than my fists.

when they say drunken dragon roll, they mean it:
and soooo tasty. after that we went to turf and atlas, and on the way we found this:

um...... yeea

not much to do till september 19th.
I think I'll get myself a ninja tomorrow

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I might be showing her my o-face

if you've ever seen the movie "office space" you might be familiar with the o-face scene. If not, here's a little reminder

the reason why I bring this up is because Undrcrwn is always coming out with sports-inspired t-shirts. Now, with all of this embracing of Obama from pop culture, the many tshirts that are being made in honor of him such as the Obey Hope tees, Undrcrwn is about to release this little gem
aptly entitled the "o-face" tshirt. reminiscent of Vince Carter dunking on some french dude in the olympics, Obama just obliterates McCain. oooh, that's a hot one

Berkeley has no cool free stuff

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pineapple Express > Tropic Thunder

Moooonday, I got back and the Gateway Gangstas decided to take me out. we just hung out a bit in Toby's new firebird and then ate at... Lucky Penny!

haha, yup. Then I came up on a Hundreds snapback. It went as follows:

C:-looks into cubby-ooh, a hundreds hat, you think that's the lost and found?
C:should I take it?
-we all walk out-
C:I'm gonna go ask
-nobody cares-
C:-smiles at waitress trying to awkwardly ask a question- uh...heh
W:just take it take it haha

and so..... I wore it at Marine World and it shaded me from the UV rays

So tuesday was marine world for Caroline's last day. There's a facebook album up on horse's facebook but you'd have to be a friend and not a stalker to see it

after marine world was:
-get more people
-good bye's to Caroline
-Tropic Thunder

yea... I fell asleep during the beginning, and the explosions were cool at the end but I had NO idea what was going on.

wednesday was:
-me and crystal say bye to Sarah Pearce Hart
-eat a cheap yet hearty breakfast at Taraval Cafe with each other

saying goodbye to the "kramerie" unbeknownst to her that the hood was still hot

and then some self-timer action
and my thizz face that comes out everytime I see a camera... *-____-
-Randy and Valerie time
Yesterday was:

-Banana Island
-eat at home
-Lauren Chinn

I had the was just alright
and just now, I get woken up at such an unknown hour to me, 9am. My mother tells me I have to sign papers and that two very mean people are ready to take my car for tax return purposes
good bye forever to my baby, I guess it's the kramerie, it held my thunder thighs intact under the steering wheel. Got me from place to place.... <3
okay, readers, I need your help. Should I....

rep the Canton Province with this baby?

or throwback with the Native Americans

get the hay, we're going to san jose

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

no no homo

Yea, so basically, I think my group of friends and I have killed the phrase "no homo" by now and so has the rest of the world. And just to give you a little background in a mildly humorous manner, here we have jay smooth

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

108 wpm

I'm up at 4am doing facebook typing tests

um..... Marine World

Monday, August 18, 2008

Aloe, Ha!

I was thinking of this title all day. The most clever thing I could come up with in a while. pretty much everyone I am with at Hawaii is sun burnt and it is too funny. You have one girl with blotches of pink all over her body, struggling during the water park.

haha, anyways, I was at the tattoo place and I saw a sign of a beast(ing?).

yea, well if you can't read what that tiny little paper in the bottom right hand corner says, it says this:

"He who becomes a beast forgets the pain of being a man"

yea, not really relevant to anything.

Today I went to church with Stacey though. must say, it's pretty awesome. They rent out a high school and the first thing I think of when I see the lawn with a screen of people doing singspiration was "aww, singspiration in front of a recording, weak". As I keep following, we enter a giant auditorium playing the same music as the screen and then I get excited. There's so many people that they have screens set up outside for more people to "singspirate". I wish I went to ALCS but uh.... after that was:

-Costco for guava bread and taro bread
-Waiola Shave Ice for more shaved ice!
-Leonard's Bakery to get me a lilikoi filled masalada

and I went to the other in4mation today, it's called "Aloha Army". check it.

and another observationg about Hawaii:
-Stussy is played out here =/. then again, I guess we could all have seen that coming

and now another last thing, guess who:

touch down in SF tomorrow night

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I Love Waiola Shaved Ice

so I'm going to update you with higher quality pictures! found my camera cable, knew there'd be stuff to blog about

so here it is in all of it's glory with shaved ice covering a ball of vanilla ice cream and mochi balls drizzled in condensed milk. sooooo tasty

I mean, I had to try it after Samuel was raving about it to me. His exact words:
"I will personally shear your skin off with my teeth if you do not go here. get it with ice cream in the center because it's good. and i know Stacey has connections too...ask her"

and of course the malasadas. These little Portuguese beauties are fried balls of goodness filled with a flavored cream served nice and warm. Bought a dozen.... ate about 8 =X
oh, but there's more

on to Pearl Harbor. Met up with my aunt and uncle who I have not seen for decades.

yea, tourista status
I thought this was a pretty cool picture, it was aboard the USS Arizona Memorial.
lastly, I went to the wind tunnel thing that was used by warriors or something like that? whatever, here's pictures
yea, it was that windy
tourist status again?

and to end this blog, I wanna say I'm pretty said I missed fellowship today, the very last one as a high schooler. I heard many good things about it, thanks to the juniors for the gifts. I heard we are all cookie flavors or something? oh well, this is what _______has to say about the gifts:

?: haha
?: yea
?: we got leis
chrisleetyped: NICE
?: and i bet connie wanted to lei jimmy
chrisleetyped: !!!!!!
?: she wanted to get jimmy leid by her

and another account

?: then after he high fived liana
?: she wiped her hands

I missed all that!?
Ei ei 0HH: =(

almost home

Friday, August 15, 2008

Snorkeling with Obama

yea, highlight so far. I was at some bay in Hawaii and I hung out with Obama! kind of... this is his guard that told me to "keep it moving"
yea, the black guy is Obama

yesterday, after snorkeling was hanging out with Stacey. Waiola Shaved Ice is the best. I dont got my camera cable so I'll update pictures some time later. besides the shaved ice was
-Jimbo's, really great pho
-Zippy's, Hawaii's Denny's

today was hanging out with my long lost Aunt and Uncle who I have not seen since 3.

check how expensive cereal and chips are
and finally, to end on this note. Gateway heads

water park tomorrow

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hawaii Update

Got here Monday afternoon, ate at Todai that night. The fish is pretty good, much better than the Daly City one. today, after a breakfast orientation and coral reef tour, went to ala moana shopping center. Didn't really care for that mall, so walked over to In4mation, Stussy Honolulu, and Kicks/Hi. check it out,

the people in Hawaii are just so nice and hospitable and helpful. They never give you an attitude like those Huf or Supreme people and on top of that tax is only 4.72%.

no picture of pick ups but I got a tshirt from each place. Now that ABC tee for my mama...

but anyways, another thing I noticed, wait two things:

-people on motorcycles dont believe in wearing helmets
-everyone is always cracking jokes and being friendly because apparently everyone is "ohana" or family

well, that's about it for now. oh and today I went parasailing and jetskiing.

still waiting for that shaved ice

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What I missed/What you missed

What I missed:

-bernie mac died!?
-olympic ceremonies

What you missed:
-helicopter landing at koinonia
-camp speaker gets concussion

well basically, the top songs being sung at camp were:
-Nothing but the blood

... okay I meant the secular ones

-Mrs. Officer
-Bazooka Bubble Gum

so that one time I mentioned black out? yea, they gave us glow sticks, and Edward Lee...

and speaking of a specific Edward Lee, the most overused phrase of the week, including all kinds of variations: "beasting it". Variations include: I'm beasting it, beastly, you're a beast, beast mode, beast me.

let's rewind. Saturday before leaving for camp, I went to a wedding. There I saw a real, live
my dad was bothering her, trying to get her to play some earth wind and fire, *-____-

yea, well back to camp, I'd like to introduce you to LL Cool J, lady's love cool Jimmy. Featuring Erkul and Alien

I'll end this time with some quotes of the week, and there were quite a few:

-in reference to cabin buddy time-
J: and we have a triple. Nevin, Tyler, Sammy...
A: oOoo, a little menage a trois

C: is the band here?
E: as in Nevin?

-sharing question: what carnival food did you feel like today and why?-
J: I felt like a lollipop because I was nice and sweet today

E: let bruce bruce hit it hit it
Bruce: WHAT did you say!?!
E: huh? he said it. -points to chris lee- and I'd like to remind you Headward, snitches get stitches...I got many

Rev talking about girls: and you know what happens at night....
E: studying, duh!

playing this:

C: I'm gonna bang you so hard
V: fine, then bang me!
V: I'll bang Chris, I can only bang once, Jeff?

It was definitely a good run