Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh noooo, American Apparel *-_____-

so if you didnt know, this is the guy that owns American Apparel. He apparently has had many sexual harassment lawsuits against him and here is the latest one. He's pretty shady.

We didn't think we could still use the words "shocked" and "Dov Charney" in the same sentence, but if true, the latest revelation about American Apparel's Chief Executive Sleaze is truly horrifying. According to legal journal "On Point News", when the latest in a string of female employees, Mary Nelson, charged Charney with a battery of sex harrassment offenses ("cock socks" and "reigns of sexual terror" were both convincingly invoked), it Charney tried to get her lawyers to let him settle in secret, but publicly claim her charges had been dismissed in a fake hearing his people had put together.

Here's what On Point says (they have a link to a PDF of the legal papers, by the way): So, Nelson sues Charney. Charney's legal team suggests they decide the case by arbitration to avoid the publicity of a trial. Fine. In fact, though, there was nothing to "arbitrate." Here's what Charney apparently wanted: to secretly settle, then have a pretend arbitration, which would then be "decided" in Charney's favor... and the case dismissed. At which point AA would release a statement (which they'd already written) proclaiming his triumphant exoneration. Basically, AA would pay the woman to shut up and pretend she was a liar so Charney had one less sexual harassment conviction on the record and could get back to the important business of promoting fair labor practices and half-naked teenagers. Or, as the prefab press release put it, “I am pleased that we have been able to bring clarity to the role of the First Amendment in the American workplace."

Here's the agreement Charney and his people allegedly wanted, to quoteOn Point:

According to the settlement agreement, the arbitrator would be chosen only by the defense, would be presented with 'a stipulated record of facts, and would decide that Nelson 'was not subjected to unlawful sexual harassment.' Following the filing of the arbitrator's 'decision,' American Apparel would be allowed to issue the press release.

On Point's information is said to be based on an unpublished decision from California's 2nd District Court of Appeal. And yes, they allegedly rejected Charney's "compromise." As the appeals court put it, “[T]he proposed press release is materially misleading — among other things, no real arbitration of a dispute occurred and plaintiff received $1.3 million in compensation.”

According to the article, Nelson's attorneys were predictably appalled. However, since her lawyers reportedly refused to go along with what they called a "sham arbitration," the AA people are using their non-cooperation with the charade as an excuse not to pay her the settlement. Now they're going to arbitration for reals, we're told.

I'd really like this to not be true. Because, if true, it's further proof — albeit irrefutable, revolting proof —of a sense of self-righteous entitlement that would be really terrifying in the head of America's largest manufacturer. What we already know about him for sure is damning enough! While we're likely to learn more about the case, it should be said that a lot of this squares with Charney's sense of grievance against the "selfish" women who are willing to compromise his important work for the sake of their dignity. Even were one prepared to regard the plaintiffs with a cynical eye, there would be no justifying what amounts to fraud, and at best a shocking attempt at public manipulation. Stay posted.

Fashion Mogul "Fakes" Arbitration In Harassment Case [On Point News]

boycot? eh, but I can't

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time to blog about my life again

enough with these random youtube videos full of excitement, so I decided to make my own. I wanted to "keep santa cruz weird" so let me introduce you to a friend of Alvin and I's. His name is Brandon, he's a rather friendly guy. Too friendly in fact as he happens to do whatever we tell him to do.

mmhmm, for you bloggers' eyes only. If he ever found this well.. he would "get in me".

what I miss about the city:

limitless supply of asian goodies

Who I've missed:

Asher Payton, making a limited time appearance at ucsc.a night I miss:

eating chinese food from D&A cafe in our dorm and making our own rice while watching channel 69, you know the channel

That's dorm life in a nutshell

props to big ben


Saturday, October 25, 2008

I LOOOOOVE rap music!

oh yea, Martha? Ludacris and Martha collaborate on making origami on her show. so odd, so odd


just another video. He syncs his face to the music. His Face > iTunes Visualizer

haha, ridiculous

Friday, October 24, 2008

China's Got Talent

In response to Horse's post, this is a bit more entertaining. Watch out for the chorus though, that's when the hand motions start getting added in. This kid is someone to look out for.

yea, you love it. And the mug at the end. mMmmm beautiful.

If only Vanessa saw that...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

more nomables!

Free Tacos!!
yea, I watch sports sometimes. Bartlett, yee yeeee.

"To get your free beef crunch taco, go to any participating Taco Bell from 2pm to 6pm on October 28th"

soo... I'm off to Taco Bell in... 5 days! yea, so much to blog, so much

Saturday, October 11, 2008


nujabes and nas mashup

Friday, October 10, 2008

Firstly, I'd like to start off by extinguishing a rumor. There will NOT be any price cuts on Wednesday for the 60th anni of In-N-Out which I know will sadden the community. Props to Erik for the info, almost would've made a trip to SJ for them. edit: Jackson already posted about this! I'm laaaaate

yea, my computer broke. I don't even know what the cause is. I haven't downloaded anything for so loooong (It's not the pron *-____-) The guy is taking all the important stuff and putting it on an external hard drive as we speak. This is so sad. I don't know what to do without my computer. I think what is even sadder is the fact that I don't know what to do without a computer. aaahhhhh, enough with the sulking. I'm taking photography, I think I said that before.

A problem I have is just whipping out my camera when I want to take a picture in fear that somebody will think "ugh, that kid is trying to be all artistic and what not" or "ugh, that kid is being a weirdo like a gregory yeeeeeeee :X" i kid i kid. well... I decided to try and take more pictures and not be self-conscious about it. I took a picture that I think loooks pretty though, maybe only because it was a flower. let me show you my flower because I'm proud of it and it makes me look like a sensitive guy ;)

ahhh, so last night we went to totoro sushi and got some cool tshirts. Yea, the "uncool" thing was the 21% gratuity??!?! ugh, the tees though, came in yellow white and black and yes, we all got one. Happy 18th, Alvin Lin

oh yea, horseman. Remind me when I come down this Friday to give you your apple bag and I got an extra white totoro tee for you too.

Late that night, we played some ping-pong with our makeshift ping pong table consisting of the long table in the lounge and toilet paper, yeeeee.

and finally, a little birthday wrestling as we waited Alvina's (that's really Alvin's sister's name) arrival, lol

attempts at laundry: 2

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Love Lockdown - Music Video

Making its premiere on.... The Ellen Degeneres Show. I'm a fan of the shoooooow tooo, Kanye!

so I pretty much stole this video, so why not two more huh? This video has Ellen talking a little bit to Kanye about his song, album etc. And Kanye is one pompous dude

and one more. This has got to be my favorite Kanye performance. The crowd he raps to, all middle-aged white women and they're eatin it up

and new single off of 808s and heartbreak entitled "heartless"

and you can download part of the new single here

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm Kim Jong ILLLIN'

but I came back to the city to eat Korean BBQ at Brother's like I said I would. I got a few good pictures.

We'll start off with the two questionables...

Winch really enjoying the complementary melon flavored gum
Edward wanting a little of this because he's been so deprived of me for a couple of weeks. Much love, much love
yeeeaaa.. in action, some interaction

and of course, the group photo. I really don't know what's going on... but yea
two more weeks!

ah crap

so the mtv embed thing is cutting off all my links but uh.... let me just add some space

and okay, some pictures too, I dont want any post to go to waste:

a pretty good sushi place we went to in santa cruz. then again good sushi and santa cruz....

figured out how to open my mailbox ^____^
and the reason why I'm probably gaining weight. omelettes made to order

be back in sc soon


probably the most incoherent english song I have listened to since Bone Thugs' Crossroads. Nonetheless, the video is super creative. It starts off with some sign language and then it just gets ridiculous with the visuals. cheeecckkkk itttttt oooooouuttttt

oh yea, Kanye showed me this

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's like THAT and uh

This was the last concert of the Hieroglyphics tour and when will they go on tour ever again? I don't even know but all in all it was such a great concert.

I mean, besides for the 2 and a half hours of opening acts and the giant hot box ( and I swear, the smoke was so thick I could barely see the mighty souls of mischief, pep love and all of them) it was such a great show. super sweaty, got a tshirt but they only had XL left because it was the last stop. what else what else... pictures?

The only opening act that I really really liked was Blue Scholars which luckily I discovered before the show on when making that Nujabes playlist.

Tanya Morgan was alright too
I should upload some songs for ya guys but maybe a little later. I just want to put up some pictures of the concert!

the homies that came:
missing katie and jessica though, they were catching up reminiscing about the mercy sf days.

these were the only pictures that came out decent out of the 8008525346 I took

This is how we chill, from 93 til

A Hieroglyphics YeEEEAAAaaa

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bonillie Bonillie Bonillie

so basically, I got some weird floormates, and weird isnt a bad thing. I mean, they are ridiculously entertaining. I have so much footage, I think I'll just make it a weekly thing if I run out of great things to share with you guys. Here's a little sample of what is to come.

haha, top that Jimmy Lutron

well besides that, we got plenty of dance-offs and solo dances. I mean, what is there to do in college... study!? naaah

I'm coming back this weekend though, heard that we're eating at brothers and I really am craving for some Korean BBQ.
om nom nom nom.

yea, another thing. yesterday I was so excited to go to my photography class. I read the first two chapters, memorized all the parts of my camera as well as other ones. Then I decided to take a power nap..which led to... a deep slumber. -sigh- Well I went to the section for photography today, walked in circles for a good 30 minutes ending in a very moist white tee uh..... all bad. watch out for the pictures though, oohwhee I'll be taking your wedding photos

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nu (new) ja (rhymes with the) bes (best minus the t)

Okay so I interviewed Substantial the other day (no link, i aint advertising no more...), and I know bout every Nujabes fan been wondering how to pronounce his name. Having worked with him, I asked him:

Me: Your work with Nujabes on his last two records has really put your name out there and turned a lot of fans on to you. My personal favorite track was Think Different. First of all, what inspired you to write a song like that, attacking those who are faking it while still keeping it humble? Also, I know a lot of Nujabes fans are wondering the same thing, how do you pronounce his name?

Substantial: Well two things inspired it. 1st: I wanted to address the issue I have with people who see you trying to do something positive with your life and make idiotic statements like “Yo you think you better than me?” People always like to turn their issues on you, instead of really dealing with their problems. It’s easier that way. And 2nd: I wanted to originally sample Sadat X’s line from 1999 with Common (“Is the glass half-full or half empty”). The sample didn’t flow as well as me saying it. So I just spit it myself and made it work. Oh and his name is pronounced: Nu (new) ja (rhymes with the) bes (best minus the t). Stop calling him Nujahbees!!!

I indeed had been pronouncing it Nujahbees (as had most, considering the thread I made a while ago)

But it's....Nujuhbess...hard getting used to.

And that's all