Saturday, July 26, 2008


So forgot to tell you guys, on Wednesday was the Asian Art Musuem with the kids and uh... some cool artifiacts in there like..
hehe, it's an ancient opium pipe. an important artifact of my heritage

heh, so Thursday was "get a trim" thursday so I decided to just that. I was so happy because I found a parking spot RIGHT around the corner. As I begin to back up into the space with my emergency blinkers on, I kindly let the cars pass by me first. Well, this nice woman decides to just cut into MY parking spot. After repeatedly honking at her, she slowly parked and made eye contact with me. Right after that, she began rolling up her window and left promptly afterwards. WOW! that really made me mad. So I circled the block again and seeing as I had much more time to look for parking now, I circled again and her car was still there. I snapped a picture so that I could put her on blast.

yea, take note of that license plate. stupid ford focus

anyways, I am walking towards the hair place and guess who pops out with a shopping bag in hand. THE WOMAN! so the stalker/hater I am, I snap a picture of the fool who dares to do such sin
yea, bright pink velour tracksuit, PLEASE

speaking of hating, what about Supreme Soul getting voted off of ABDC. weeeeaaaakkkk. Erik and I crashed at Horse's last night to watch it together and being the eager viewer I am, I checked the ABDC dance blog online and to my astonishment, the giant headline of
Bring On The Waterworks And Say Goodbye To Your ‘Soul’ yea, that sucked and tears were there..maybe. But we (the trio) were all really upset about it and there were definitely lots of "haters". but yea yea yea, can't watch that show anymore.

RIP Gateway

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Food Coma

Hokkaido buffet overload right now.

I don't know if it's just me but I tend to have my stomach semi sucked in for most of the day but right now I can't even do that. I try, and it's just solid intestines jam packed full of food. ate tooooooo much. stop stop stop. ACK!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"do you even blog anymore?"

well... Horse's blog pretty much sums up my weekend too.

senior dinner set up, huf sale, dark knight and "silogs"

some studio pic action at pre senior dinner

and that went pretty smoothly, Huf sale was next. Gary, Jeriel and Horse but forgot to bring Jimmy, sorry man. Got a few things, dropped less than HALF of what horseman did. one of them

after that, headed over to Malcolm

all he was doing was singing
let me serve you up, let me let me serve you up
you can have it yooouuurrr way
you're the customer

yea, some inappropriate statues, some inappropriate poses

after that was horse's house on Sunday. he had the signature vaseline on the night stand. This picture is still not even close to being as incriminating as my webcam picture he has

after dark knight with the guys, headed over colma to eat our "silogs". two to, two top, one long

that was the weekend.

oh yea, got this in the mail


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

yea, I still blog

Rundown of what I've been up to

Hung out with Crystal a bit to hang out with her desserts
then Fungy and Toby to go patrolling *-___- they decided the indulge in such defacement of my car

yea, the outcome
haha, Alex Fung is dancing and/or skipping
one time please

and on the world wide web I found this little gem... or not. you decide

I dont know, you be the judge
Most un G rated ever

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Go Patriotism!

some pictures from the wedding...

all in all, the wedding was pretty beautiful, except for the burmese b-boys hogging up the dance floor while pirate DJ was DJing. Food was really tasty, buffet style, gotta love that. and whaaaat, the ushers got gifts!? wooot

Jon Lee always playing with other people's cars...

not gonna lie, ran out of things to blog