Monday, December 31, 2007


Recap on my life is HERE

now to continue with pictures pictures. I went to Buca di Beppo (yelp) for a dinner and here are the many pictures of me eating. beast

I know I know, just toooo interesting. The garlic cheesey bred though, tasty and keeps the vampires away
Also, Meghan with her camera, nice nice.
and what is a blog post with some sort of video? here is avideo fo the even

Happy Birthday John, crazy hair cut random server guy

Things I took home... No leftovers but I go this very nice Buca pen
And a whole load of mints. so minty so minty

Friday, December 28, 2007

Finally got my camera plugged in

And let me update you on the random things that I take pictures of. So I was looking at my Dad's wedding ring because i wanted to um.. look at gold and so I found this really sweet (as in "awwww" sweet) message inscribe on the inside of the ring. Good idea, dad/mom.
and right around the corner the pagan restaurant opened...(insert joke about pagans)
my co worker just had a baby =D
Class of '08 picture. I have my "durr" hand up =(. Jamison is a... oh is this charades? a dog relieving it self on an invisible fire hydrant
and what we do at Urban Outfitters
mastascabba (10:43:07 PM): wow! your skills are superb
mastascabba (10:43:10 PM): seamless...really

and Christmas Day at Grandma's

Time well spent on youtube

Another boring day of winter break. Unproductive, yea mostly unproductive so I go on youtube and.... things that I watched that you might like

Chris Brown on Sesame Street? duet with elmo? sure

ok, maybe that was all I watched on youtube, then I went back to play Crazy Taxi on Facebook. 70,000+ hi score?!?! yes

but this video is nice too, don't know if all 3 of you have seen it yet. I like it, you might not

Us Placers


Girl gets Dipset instead of Hanna Montana for Christmas. go go go

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


after checking out Sammy's blog on that Nick Penorita dude, oh man his range is crazy, it's really funny. It's pretty much a duet with himself

haha, Merry Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2007

Well I haven't done a post about my life in a while

So I went bowling last night after eating at Naan 'N Curry for Gary's birthday and then we ate sago after that and then and then and then all slept over Jeriel's nice house. Let's start with pictures...
Trevor getting ready to bowl and Gary being 18
Being anti-social the whole time with her DS lite... that I played with as well
well this little gem, you'll just HAVE TO CLICK IT BELOW TO SEE THE ANIMATION IN ITS GLORYkind of reminds me of this
Gary and I enjoying our time. He bought scratchers to celebrate his 18ness.

Moving on... nothing really worthy taking pictures of at Naan 'N Curry. The free tea is great though. Sago, we ate more, nothing to see nothing to see.
Well as I wake from my slumber, Kevin has become the dancing maniac unleashed...


Thursday, December 20, 2007

So I am browsing yahoo news and...

haha, funny picture
Chinese men walk past a signboard at a pay parking lot in Beijing, where "fee" is mistakenly spelled as "pee". The Chinese capital has began a campaign to improve its signposting in English ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games. Among signs in need of correcting were ones for "Pubic Toilets," and "Deformed Men" -- the latter indicating facilities for the handicapped.

let's see if I can find the deformed men one... bleh, cant find it now. another wasted post

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Facebook: Disney Princess Quiz

I am not sure if this is blog-worthy or self-incriminating or both but I just score 100% on the Disney Princess Quiz. Look who I beat out of my facebook friends.
In your face, Connie Chung. um... yea...

Slava G just came back from the mall. Guess what he got?

SLava: got the 8s finally
me: niiice
SLava: riiiiiice
what can u rock it with?
me: iono
SLava: thats what i rock ur mom in

Monday, December 17, 2007

cookn4evar: 2nd ammendment FTW

Well I have been learning, in my Civics class , all about our presidential candidates. As we have been discussing them, I did not even take a second look at Mike Huckabee but as a Jeriel Ong brought to my attention this, possibly best ever ad ever made ever, I think everyone should vote Huckabee solely because he is Chuck Norris approved.

cookn4evar: IRS = out of buisness
cookn4evar: Chuck Norris doesn't endorse, he tells

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Champ Is Here

Ok fellow bloggers, this blog post wont really be of any interest to anyone except maybe two people, but only about two people read the blog anyways so... this is of interest to everyone! As I said before, the champ IS here...

what a fool! who prances around the street like that? only Mr Dalez. What's this? some kind of gingerbread house fit for a.. Erik Cheung? indeed
Horse picking his nose

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Voice Messages

I usually post in at least two's so today is no different. The first one is my very own fellow blogger, Horseman. This is part of "A Horseman's Life". He was singing the current hit "rocketship" by The A'z. Take a listen

ah yea, must be some gene in the Ei/Chai Family. They love singing, and I appreciate them for blessing my ears.

Ok, moving on. I found some weird voicemail in my voicemail inbox about the North Face Outlet? sounds like a motherly voice... hmm...

well that was my contribution to my blog for today.

And then there's my day

Toby was picture man for the day as he always has his new camera on him nowadays. Philly cheese steaks for wacky Wednesdays and bear sightings all in a good days work. We also found a little treasure. Enjoy

My prize and I at Philly waiting for our half off steak friesbuy me!
Polar bears in wheel chairs =(. boo to global warming
And Toby getting all artistic =D

Hope you like it.

01 00:47 Baba Says Cool For Thought
02 01:02 Free Chilly (featuring Sarah Green & Gemstones)
03 04:10 Go Go Gadget Flow
04 05:13 The Coolest
05 04:49 Superstar (featuring Matthew Santos)
06 04:31 Paris, Tokyo
07 03:52 Hi-Definition (featuring Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear)
08 04:13 Gold Watch
09 04:03 Hip-Hop Saved My Life (featuring Nikki Jean)
10 04:00 Intruder Alert (featuring Sarah Green)
11 04:40 Streets On Fire
12 04:06 Little Weapon (featuring Bishop G & Nikki Jean)
13 03:24 Gotta Eat
14 04:04 Dumb It Down (featuring Gemstones & Graham Burris)
15 04:27 Hello/Goodbye (Uncool) (featuring UNKLE)
16 03:23 The Die (featuring Gemstones)
17 03:03 Put You On Game
18 03:33 Fighters (featuring Matthew Santos)
19 03:37 Go Baby (featuring Gemstones)

if you first listen without any prior knowledge of this album, it might be kind of weird to you. It is a concept album and Lupe has two characters on it, "the cool" and "the streets". download it and upload to the ipod. bye

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not to be disappointing but..

this might be a disappointing post. So I work at a pediatrician' office. Famous people have children. Famous children go to my pediatrician's office. yaaaaaay. That means this during the Holiday.
Why happy holidays to you too, Mr. Williams. What did you get me?

Yes! extravagant goody bag! just what I wanted! Thanks man, nice shoes, weird outfit
Oh, Mrs. Steel, how lame and impersonal

=O, just kidding!
I guess you can't go wrong with a 5 pound box of See's =D
And that is all from the celebs.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Charter School Poster Children

I just want to put it at there that we're pretty great. great great great. Erik Cheung on the home page of !?!? Check it out
oh dang, thinking, absolutely. Pondering about life. Leadership qualities. Let's move over the to the Gateway website at . what do we see...
w00t look at Chris all dissecting and using his brain. oh oh oh yes.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Here's not a very quality post but...

I was at the Apple store with my brother Cathy and look what we found...
-sigh- good times. one day I'll get an Ipod Touch


on the upper right. yaaaaay!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

(Possibly) the real Christmas Post Card Picture

hmmm... so I think our family is actually gonna send out one of these this year. Maybe if my mom likes your mom, you'll get one

take 1
yea... wasn't in place yet. Take 2!
Ok, gotta get it right this time... Take 3
and with a little photoshop expertise from yours truly....
BAAAAM!!!! Merry Christmas

Alright, Sunday

Church. heh, I ate at some fancy restaurant afterwards and theeeeeennnnnn North Face Outlet/IKEA/ kind of like Santana Row outdoor mall. yup. This blog is about to be picture heavy but we first went to this restaurant called "Skates" very nice view and very nice food. I feel out of place. First we take our Christmas post card picture....
Then we check out the menu...
sippity sip sip, sippity sip sip look at timothy suck (sing in "Frost the snowman" tune)

And maybe they don't like me or just fear this picture ending up on my blog
look at that, pear bread pudding

yea it was pretty tasty, more pictures of the brother and I. throwin' it up
My brother riding monkey king?
ok whew. let's take a break. Now after this whole eventful lunch outing, we slowly head over to the North Face outlet. we "made like a 'fay jai' and rolled" and rolled and rolled slowly out. Ok, here we go, arriving at North Face....
oh hold up, there is really nothing exciting to take pictures of at the north face outlet... maybe only this
heh, then we stopped by Ikea for a bit and left. Pretty great day, drove home to this

deep sigh yea?