Friday, September 26, 2008


ey: kevin is tryin to do headspins
ey: earthquakes like no other

check it

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In case you were wondering, here's my roommate

I guess you can call him dazzle thighs too or something..

add him to facebook?

all up in santa cruz

yea.... it's nice up (wait, is it down?) here. pretty spacious room, no pictures except maybe this one.
yeee.. sticker machine!

well here was some shocking news:

-travis barker and DJ AM plane crash. travis got a lot of burns over his body, he's gonna have to touch up those tats =/

and now for news that was NOT shocking:

-Clay Aiken comes out. yea.... no way. haha, I like the title to this story though. "Clay Aiken apparently announces that he's gay"

but yea, yesterday was the boardwalk frolic and they were playing all the "bay slaps" and it pretty crazy and there was a dance battle and a guy kicked a girl in the face trying to do a freeze. and that guy was an RA too..

well what would that story be without a video, hmm

november 8

Friday, September 19, 2008

Little Known Fact

Ei ei 0HH: kris wears size 42x32 pants

and now you know

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kanye redoes the redid version of love lockdown

So I tend to blog about this Kanye West fellow a bit too often but he fixed and tweaked love lockdown again. the hook, the autotune, all that. I think it keeps getting better and better, but it started out sucking, so you can only get better

here you go: Love Lockdown, REmastered and REdone

mmhmm, here we go, December 4th

North Face Outlet Sample Sale and some Berkeley Dining

today. today is tuesday. It was Jimmy, Ed, Val and I was there too. we all went to the North Face Outlet in Berkeley for some sample sale action. The deals were good, very good. Some highlights IN the store.

too big? too small? cc?
As we were searching frantically for steals and deals, this massive head of man was trying on this lovely headdress. by the way, it's his 18th birthday today, congrats!

reminded me of the buzz lightyear backpack. I almost got it... then came to my senses.
and if that wasn't enough, we picked up Judy and Sammy from Berkeley and then searched from some cool hats and beanies. the one Edward tried on? had to cop for only 5 bucks.

oh, did I mention I'm leaving for college soon? did some packing.

From this:
to this:
mmhmm, handy bags these are.

sale somewhere else tomorrow....

Monday, September 15, 2008

for the men

while I'm at it, here's free Degree deodarant for men

FLOA in effect

More Academy

Oh yea, well my final conclusion of the Academy of Sciences.

remember, back in the day that giant African hall and at the end of it you would see a giant Savannah scene turn from day to night? it sucks now. it's much smaller and at the end are dumb penguins. well, penguins are not dumb, but they don't belong in the AFRICAN hall.

well, speaking of penguins, I walked on this lady doing a dirty deed.

mmhmm! skinning and stuffing that penguin for the sole purpose of displaying. oh well, it looks cool

and they still got this thing there.
I couldn't find the "space hall" though with the earthquake thing too.

this was pretty cool though, a bunch of those giant turtles that Darwin studied in the Galapagos.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yum Cha with GRANDma

Grandma took my cousin and I out to lunch. as we're yumcha-ing, she get's that "lang lui" over here and hands us these fried gems.

it's a green tea thing with sesame seed inside. pretty tasty actually. It taste like chewy and sweet.

on to the more exciting stuff! we picked up a horse on thursday. while waiting for it to come back, Alien was showing off his new kicks

and so sometimes I walk around, you know casual, leisurely walks.
in case you can't read it, it says: "no fat chics car will scrape"

and, you have it first, a sneak peek into the all new Academy of Sciences.

daryl burton? is that you!?

i kid i kid

Samson came through with the tickets so I tried to get him in all the pictures
they had some cool textured walls that were like ripples in the ocean. yea, the $500 million went to that
leeches that suck on a fake heated foot

i'll add more later, brb

Friday, September 12, 2008

yeezy overload

Kanye didn't win any awards at the VMAs but more surprisingly, he did not throw a fit....or did he. While at the airport, Kanye seemed upset about something as news reported that HE WAS ARRESTED for destroying paparazzi. he destroys things...kind of like Sylar.

episode 20

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


well I found the single for love lockdown. it's alright

the new album will be entitled "808's and Hearbreak"

yea, not really feeling the new single. In other news, VMA's was lacking, so awful it got a grown man to do this

more 808, less heartbreak

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're On The Road Again

just got back from Santa Cruz because... I'm not sure.

the scenery

edwin 197

self portrait one time

edwin 192


edwin 203

but before we left, we were trying to get on our way to Santa Cruz. On our way we found not one but TWO lemonade stands and Toby felt like helping out the cause.

edwin 187

not much really happened in Santa Cruz except for cheap pizza. So we'll get to last night. Let me paint the setting with these pictures.

take careful note of the lemon teas

edwin 180

culprit A

edwin 179

culprit B

edwin 178

it went down like this. Norm is drinking his drink unbeknownst to him that there was syrup casually, yet stealthily, put into his drink. it goes like this:

Norm: wow, the tea is really sweet tonight, I must have not stirred it correctly or something

edit: ""I just drank a lump of sugar, I don't think I stirred it right" (to Chung) "

rest of table: -giggles-

Norm: wow, wait WHAT did you do to my drink -proceeds to attack Chris-

and in the end, I get butter in my hair, which I spend hours styling.

yup, weekend isn't even over

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's Get Married

The wedding was pretty beautiful.

got to the place at 9ish to help set up. Alex, Tim and I helped put up lanterns in trees. climbing on chairs and stools and people to reach those branches and hang 'em. hard work, hard work.
like I said, hard work. we also put up these sphere things, ya know, for the dance floor. And we were for sure tearing it up.
we took a 3 hour break, got suited up and went back. Here's a few pictures of the wedding:

besides the dance floor, I was tearing up here too..inside

dang, look at those cuties.

om nom nom nom. a candy buffet toooooo. and that cake is pretty cool, take note, Jeffrey.

now for some footage. First up, Timothy Lee, breaking it down for us on how to slow dance. ooohwheee, ignore the laughter.

next up, we have Grandma Lee taking the cake back home so she can ration out the dessert to eat the whole week. and of course saving a little for the homies that jazzercise with her at sunset playground

I also just found some pictures of move-in days for Horse and Sammy, upload those later maybe