Wednesday, November 28, 2007

beef squashed!!

So Evil Knieval had sued Kanye earlier last year for damaging his reputation in Kanye's video, "touch the sky". They settle their dispute recently and now love each other. This picture proves it


So I found this new John Mayer song entitled "say". It is for a movie that is about to come out sometime soon called The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.
Um... Like I said, I have a free song, so I uploaded it. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
Please feel free to leave a comment about what you think about the song or Guitar Hero 3. bye
EDIT: so maybe the song isn't THAT new, my bad

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Can't really blog right now

still trying to get into college =/

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Slippery When Wet

My cousin got baptized today. So speaking of coincidences, I saw Jeff Lue and Kristin and Jon Fong watching THEIR cousin get baptized too. Well, I must say, my cousin is one deep guy, eloquent speaker, everything and single. we go, a video

and uh.... more pictures during service =D.
Cousin Alex very excited and maybe a bit nervous about getting baptized
really interesting sermon, mother was concentrating pretty hard
While on our way to Banana Island, this made my dad chuckle
"I need 87 cents to buy a cup of water at McDonald's"

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Great Mall Madness

So the first 200 people that arrived at the Great Mall got free gift bags with gift cards with up to a $100 value in them. Well, people really like gift cards especially when they are free. It was like a mosh pit and I literally could not move so Kevin and I strayed away from the masses of people and watched from afar. This is what we saw...

Quick run through

Great Mall: 2 lawn chairs 5 bucks each

Best Buy: waited in line and then left??!

True: 3 pairs of shoes, good prices

Mind: slow to react, sleep deprivation

Pictures: below
Grandma getting ready for a party after our Thanksgiving feast so she had to take pictures with her grandkids real quick
super hectic at great mall. Trying to get the first 200 gift bag with gift cards. Pretty crazy, video will be uploaded tomorrow so keep posted
ah, it's like Disneyland. So crowded at Best Buy, the line was wrapped AROUND the building
and more lines
whew, time to get out of there. Gary's shoes glow
uh...Final pickups, pretty successful I guess:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's Thanksgiving Morning!

Kind of. Well, let's start with things I want to rasterbate
Alright. Now more pictures of RockBand, it really is so cool

Picture of a picture? random guy in the back? yes and yes
And this morning I helped my mother do errands and ran into a few things while browsing around Lucky's . Stephen Colbert is so great that he get's his own ice cream flavor. Truthiness
Shake your tailfeather? no shake your...dino tail? why not

Remember, Pilgrims were the original F O B's

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh Thanksgiving

Today was a pretty eventful day. Guitar Hero 3 at my house, Rock Band demo at Best Buy, Cheesecake Factory, shopping. And now, my day recorded by photos. heh, so while we were waiting in line to play, this guy was having lots of fun on the mic. By the way, Rock Band is like guitar hero except there is an added drum set and a microphone to sing kind of like singstar. enjoy

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This was so hard to find

anyways, e-props to gary yu for find this. Um, I know there are many of you who absolutely LOVE The Office and others who do not and so I hope this brings everyone together during the holidays as we share our love for the office. whew, that was fun...(that's what she said)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Okay so for all you Gateway gangstas, you might have seen this kid roaming the hallways and the abuse he gets but for those of you who do NOT attend Gateway let me tell you about this kid from what I have observed. He walks in the hallways sometimes "mugging" or just "asking" for things such as getting shoved into lockers - which is pretty funny - or just getting pushed around. One time, actually multiple times, he gets his shoes stolen from him. It is pretty sad so I guess the only way to vent his frustration is to do what is about to be played in this video. Then again, he does seem to enjoy joining himself into any strangers conversation which is kind of odd and he also seems to be totally oblivious to any of this bullying so in the end, he is just a really happy kid.
Lionel breaking it down

haha, the description of this video is : some black people cant dance either

Karaoke Revolution

Jackson sent me the link to this video. Karaoke Revolution. It is claymation. Karaoke Revolution.

yay =)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

this is "haha" funny

Isn't this funny? maybe? ironic? aw...wasted post

Before this whole "solja boy" craze gets too old

Please watch this. Meghan showed me this because it reminded her of me!??! this is mildly entertaining and I should just start making posts of Youtube videos that are worthy enough to allow the general public watch.

that was not a waste of your time

I'd hit that

Ok, so I found the video! here here here, watch it. Let's hope that Kanye doesn't SNL that quack doctor.

And also, the reverend Danny Yee decided to use our beloved Horseman as an illustration between picking a girl or picking onions and not being able to have both. Here is me and Jackson's take on it
Jackson: what are you doing afterschool horseman?
Horseman: oh you know, gonna go to the stables to pick up a horselady ;)
Jackson: -shakes head- stupid...

Kanye still grieving over loss

Kanye West, who had cancelled an appearance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last Thursday, broke down in tears during a concert in Paris, France, after dedicating a song to his later mother, it has been reported.

Kanye returned to the stage in Paris on Saturday night and performed for an hour before the intro to his song 'Hey Mama' began.

"This song is for my mother," West said, before breaking down in tears and leaving the stage.

An onlooker told People: "He just cracked. He was at the end of his concert and had just started to dedicate the song and then he just lost it completely."

West returned after a 15 minute break to finish the show with his hit single Stronger.

Poor guy is taking it pretty badly. So he just cracked. Eh, so I was discussing Kanye's whole situation earlier with my friends and I did not know that she died because she was going to get a breast reduction and tummy tuck and then a week after she dies we find out that this doctor is getting slammed with a whole bunch of lawsuits because of malpractice. Well, let's hope that Kanye does not react to this as badly as he does when he does not win awards like so
[would have inserted SNL skit but NBC said no-no to youtube] =(

Saturday, November 17, 2007


So my blog usually just consists of my day and my life is not really that interesting on a daily basis but I am going to just stick with it and tell you MORE about what I have done/did. Friday my coworker took me out to Gordon Biersch because her husband is the manager! If you are one of the uneducated in... Gordon Biersch and their history, they are widely known for their great tasting garlic fries that are a staple at Giant's games. uh.... I did not take any pictures but I can take pictures of A LOT of leftovers we had. We were practically done with our meal and my coworker's husband just brings a whole plate of their tasty chicken wings and some fried artichokes. Also, I had the apple bread pudding which was very delicious. Ok, too much text, today I went to a wedding but MORE IMPORTANTLY went to IKEA for the first time. Let me upload pictures...
ok, so since it was my first time as well as Nevin's, we decided to record it.....for you? and mostly Nevin
Let us start with Nevin actually. We got him to do a lot of dehumanizing things at Ikea such as...
that's right he became a polar bear as well as ....
haha, he actually sat in a dog basket because "they told me to". He is also the most talented guy I know so.... do not take advantage. And finally I entitle this "Ciudado, Nevin, Ciudado"
What does this say?
oh oh oh, Ikea sells umbrellas too for the low low low price of $4.99
Now onto the furniture and other things they sell that are not umbrellas
haha, Judy is typing on a computer that.. is...not...real. She also does other stuff like be weird
And finally, an odd sighting
The picture is blurry and my finger is all over the lens because I was trying to be secrety about it. Better than clear air forces eh eh eh eh. And now a message from Ikea

ecnaif a sah llehcniw

Thursday, November 15, 2007

NOT appetizing

Ice-cream shaped like faeces is ready to be served at the Modern Toilet diner in the Shilin district in Taipei November 9, 2007. All 100 seats in the crowded diner are made from toilet bowls, not chairs. Sink faucets and gender-coded "WC" signs appear throughout the three-storey facility, one of 12 in an island-wide chain of eateries with a toilet theme.ew ew ew ew. wth!? How is that appetizing at all? I want to eat sweet tasting feces from a toilet bowl shaped bowl!? ridiculous. How about no no no no. This will taste good with the urine vita rain to wash it down.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

you need some TLC!

ah, this poor, dusty old blog needs some love. I haven't blogged in soooo long (a day at most). Well we will start with a quote of the day:

mastascabba: catch you tomorrow...tom's (that's my whatevs)

weirdo.whatever, let's see what I took a picture of today. Oh, found these awesome juice boxes at work that really taste like apples in juice form unlike costco's generic brand vitamin water that taste like sweet urine.
They came in a giant pack of like 50! now THIS is better than capri sun, alex fung, speaking of which, you know how capri suns have a picture on the front of like someone surfing? well Derek Paw used to poke his straw at the persons crotch EVERYTIME he drank capri sun. Was he being funny? fell AY she oOOoooo?
mMmmm, sample size. Kind of like size 9
and now, looking at that cute apple when I should be filing all of those charts. Mott's for tots, that is SO clever!
And of course, the pediatrician office's dead fishies

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ninja Weapons

So I hear some of us are trying to become ninjas. Well check out this little gem I found full of profane and humorous dialogue. I am a bit sad to say that I am helping a 5H40573R production gain more viewership (as in 3 more). Well, enjoy this piece of work.

shout out

to Miss Goldman for putting half of my face on the home page of her homework site. We have an unconditional love for each other


Not much today

But I was looking through my phone trying to empty it of any old music or pictures, and I had quite a few pictures that were blog-worthy. Let us begin
hehehe, oh becca, you silly girl. I guess this is what high schoolers looked like 12 years ago
and of course a close up
well speaking of silly people, Andrew here is a silly one, with a big forehead at that. I kid

And poor Samson. Chlamydia paralyzes the cilia in a woman and causes much itching for men, in the lower region of course.
And finally, my friend Alan is a pretty silly fellow as well
JK, he really doesn't look like that, that would be mean to defecate his face like that. Here is how he REALLY looks everyday....

EDIT: maybe others will find this a bit funnier
hehehe, alex fung and veronica, ooooh boy. I voted Alex Fung and every other girl

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lawrence Hall of Science / Thanksgiving Dinner

For Saturday KC, the program I am in, we took the kids to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. Lots of fun, kind of. "It's like the Exploratium but a downgrade" says Samuel.
The bathrooms at the Lawrence Hall of Science show much pride for their team, the Cal Bears... who lost to USC that day
The first exhibit we looked at was an outdoor one that taught all about water flow, they liked it

exhibit 2: um...stick building?

Group picture, then we're out with a quickness
Oh wait, we had to get our mood rings...
Then some art and craft stuff for the holidays. fun fun. according to the manual he received with the ring, he is lovable
oOo, Thanksgiving dinner, running rampant with interesting hair cuts
Someone is being...dumb, jk.

And we don't have to eat chinese apple pies anymore! upgrade