Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Dinner

the parents took their second favorite son out for dinner. ooohwheee. classy indeed.

And pictures to follow!

but really, who DOESN'T love complimentary mints. Pockets were stuffed with them.

Mama's fancy cube shaped salad with little crunchy... crunch things on top

speaking of crunch, check out THESE hash browns, c'mon it was better than ihop

my steeeaaaakkkk, cooked just riiiight, 16oz ribeye please. thanks. I can't ever seem to get the color right on my pictures though. And the lens does some weird front focusing. oh well

and then ended my night with some VH1 Storytellers featuring Kanye "Diva with a Mullet" West. Song highlights have to be good life, stronger and I liked heartless. oh yee. and

she made me lamingtons! :D

thank you and you're welcome

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peep Ron Howard one time

Don't even have to watch the whole video, how odd is he in this video, haha. flailing strand hairs and what not

edit: Samuel Jackson is basically the epitome of a G riiiiiiiight.

Saturday, Can't Wait

about to relive the glow in the dark tour, plus mullet

Monday, February 23, 2009

The 9 types of Facebook friends

but I only picked a few of my favorites. For the full article click here.

The TMI: Most people on Facebook update their profile every few days or weeks. This Facebooker feels the need to tell the world every tiny detail of his seemingly pointless life: John Doe is tired of working ... John Doe is going to the grocery store to get some kiwis ... John Doe just cleaned the bathroom. On to the kitchen!

yeee, right? "John Doe is showering", whaaaaat. I'd sure hope so.

The Friend addict: This is the Facebook equivalent of one of those crazy ladies who gets declared a public nuisance because she has too many cats in her home. Even though this Facebooker only knows 47 people, he/she managed to accumulate 786 friends - mostly by going through other people's profiles and friending perfect strangers.

oh yea, you know a few people like this. Meet them once, and they add you. come oooon, we're not friends!

The Facebook superfan: The ultimate follower, this friend clogs your newsfeed with multiple daily updates about his bandwagon jumping: John Doe became a fan of Lil' Wayne! ... John Doe became a fan of Watchmen! ... John Doe became a fan of Captain C.B. "Sully" Sullenberger!

hahaha, for sure I hate those people that clog up your news feed (unless that's me) with the most random things.

as for me, there is no The Facebook Stalker one so oh well.

You've Got Mail

nooooo way! Most pieces of mail at one time I've ever gotten. Except for that one time I signed up for a whole bunch of random free samples, that was a bit embarrassing when the lady handed me microwavable brownie mix. So looookie here!

first, check out these awesome gloves. They don't only keep you warm, but they ALSO allow you to touch all you want (and by touch I mean my iPhone).

and this SUPER COOL card, the nose moves! kind of reminds me of the giant pimple I have on my nose currently but.... nonetheless, it made me smile like no other.

Shoutouts to Master Samuel And Valerie. yeeee

oh yes, it is.

Shoutout: Alvin Lin

For anybody that knows anything about the guy, he's quite possibly John Mayer's #1 fan. No, seriously. Most recently, he has been utilizing the site that is SoundClick to get out that music, and with this he has put up some original works. He's always playing whether it's in his dorm with his smelly roommate or in my room with my smelly roommate. When asked about his music, he said
you are the biggest fish mankind has ever smelled
oh yea, so you're probably wondering what exactly his music sounds like. It kind of sounds like rainbows and flowers and the color yellow-orange all in a pink box full of pork buns. So there you have it. take a lisssstteeeen here

Friday, February 20, 2009


10 least affordable cities to live in?

Ten Least Affordable Cities

1. New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ
2. San Francisco-San mateo-Redwood City, CA
3. Nassau-Suffolk, NY
4. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale, CA
5. Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall, FL
6. Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine, CA
7. El Paso, TX
8. Newark-Union, NJ-PA
9. Honolulu, HI
10. Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WA

Ten Least Affordable Cities with a Population Under 500,000

1. San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles, CA
2. Ocean City, NJ
3. Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA
4. Napa, CA
5. Flagstaff, AZ
6. Medford, OR
7. Bend, OR
8. Mount Vernon-Anacortes, WA
9. St. George, UT
10. Laredo, TX


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Top 25 anyone?

So I figured, I don't really want to post this on facebook where EVERYBODY can see because let's face it, there are some people that added you on facebook that don't really know you and then you might have that one auntie or uncle added on your facebook too. So anyway, here goes:

1. I think I've been to Disneyland just about every year of my life.

2. I hate being used as an example by a teacher. I become very self-conscious

3. When I'm alone with a lot of people around me and I hear a laugh or giggle, I automatically assume they are laughing about me. Again, I'm pretty self-conscious

4. When you're on the street and you're walking one way and another person is coming from the other direction. I find it kind of annoying when they do not take a side of the street and you kind of have to dodge them. Then there's always the awkward sidestepping that you can do with someone as you simultaneously say sorry/excuse me

5. I like the word kumquat. kumquat kumquat kumquat

6. Cinnamon snickerdoodle ice cream at bi-rite creamery is one of those ice cream flavors I'd share when you have to answer one of those "Share your name and your favorite ice cream flavor" questions. So imagine cookies 'n cream except snickerdoodles instead of oreos

7. I also really like the calzone pizzas at Georgio's on Clement. They put even more cheese and toppings on top even after they fold the calzone

8. Something I like: When people ask "Can I ask you a question?" sometimes I think it has to be something serious if they have to present a question with another question and then I get nervous.

9. since I've been in college, I've been able to exercise on a consistent basis

10. since I've been in college, I've been eating about 4 meals a day. This is probably the majority of the reason why I don't see any results from the exercising.

11.Favorite Cereal: Oh's. they're like cheerioes with honey oat fillng in them!

12. I tried to sneak out of my house one night in high school because my friend just got a car and I wanted to ride in it. I attempted to quietly descend from my roof. I kind of came down with a clumsy clunk and my mom came out very angry and confused. I tried to tell her there was a raccoon on my roof and I tried to shoo it away. The next day they called animal control *-_____-

13. I'm one of those people that don't really wash their jeans. BUT I SWEAR THEY STILL SMELL GOOD

14. both of my pinkies are less finger and more nub

15. So... I'm not as quick-witted as I'd like to think I am. I mean I use to be back in elementary school when "Your Mom!" was the end-all be-all of insults. You know how it went, it was like:

Kid: do you want half of my sandwich?

well... I actually kind of still do that but anyway, I'll usually have really good comebacks when people try to sass me but... it's about 2 and a half hours later and that person is usually long gone by then.

16. I own footie pajamas. It has a butt flap

17. I have flags and random decorations for just about every holiday (currently, there are light up hearts in my windows as well as heart flags) and whenever somebody drops me off at home, they comment on it.

18. There's a drawer in my room full of those old film canisters. Each one is labeled. Inside each one of them is a single baby tooth. Gross?

19. When I was little, my mother would always take me to Mervyn's. I hated it, and we always made a stop in the women's lingerie section. I'd ask my mom, "are we looking for booby holders again?" She'd laugh every time but I don't if it's because she thought I was funny or if she was embarrassed from all the women around us who heard.

20. When we had book orders in grade school, I'd only look for the comic books because I didn't really enjoy actual novels back in the day. So with that said, my favorite reading material as a kid was the Captain Underpants Series.

21. I "bent" my wristbone from colliding into a gigantic flying yoga fitness ball

22. It's kind of ridiculous how flat-footed I am. I'll put my feet clapped together and there is absolutely no space between my feet where the arch is suppose to be. (my spine will probably cave in by the time I'm 50)

23. My mom dresses every stuff animal she can find in the house in my old baby clothes. creepy

24. My grandma still can't spell my name right. Last year's Christmas card said "Christ Lee"

25. I stalk on facebook tooooo much. If you're reading this, I probably know too much about you already ;)

and I think I'll just tag everyone that blogs that I have in my blog roll thing that reads my blog. So I guess that means you're off the hook this time, Kanye.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh, but my weekend

Let's see...4 day weekend just ended so let me share a bit.

Friday was fellowship, a girls' appreciation night or what Chung liked to call "Ladie's Night". It was a night filled with many mannered gentlemen including myself along with a few activities. Yee?

Saturday I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in till about noon. I went with Valerie to get that tattoo and Graci and Benny came along.

this is me trying to get all "artistic".
Oh yea, and Darryl and other Gateway alumni just happened to be around, love those reunions? kind of. And Darryl decided to get his ear pierced as well.

haha, Darryl is a beast. He decided to get pierced with a 12 gauge needle. The average earlobe piercing is about 18 to a 20 gauge, but he said it didn't hurt a bit. In the words of big head Ed, "BEASTIN' IT"

oh wait, that day didn't end yet. Malcolm, Val and I crashed on Ed and Katreetree's date at the go-karting place in Burlingame. FUN!

check out those suits though. You like that
This was when we received our printout of how well or how awful we did. Let's just make it known that Malcolm is a dirty driver, bumping ALL of us. Dang, he even got me stuck under the railing and the maintenancecrew had to pull me out *-____-

after such a race, we all indulged in Katreetree and Big Head Ed's leftovers from their romantic dinner at Banana Island. STUFFED

Alright, there' still Monday. Family Dinner! at none other than Georgio's. It was good.

oh dang, look at that cutie. Dad wanted to work the camera.

Cutest couple that ever lived, I'd say

I recommend any of the calzones. There are no pictures of it because we ate it all

DAH! back to homework

The guy really loves himself

Monday, February 16, 2009

How could they do Kid Cudi like that?

So apparently during the All-Star Weekend, he had a "shouting match" with reebok associates because he wanted to wear Jordans instead of Reeboks. But c'mon, everybody knows

AIR JORDANS > reeboks

basically, police tazed and arrested him

Reports note that Hypebeast favorite Kid Cudi was apparently involved in an altercation over NBA’s All-Star weekend. Set to perform, the rising star apparently got into a shouting match with Reebok associates regarding his refusal to wear Reebok in favor of Air Jordans. Subsequently, police were call in and the altercation escalated to the point in which police stepped in and tazed Kid Cudi.

hating on his steez

Brown allegedly bit and hit the "Disturbia" singer last Saturday night, hours after the two were spotted together at a pre-Grammy party honoring Clive Davis in Beverly Hills.

shoot, I would bite her too

Saturday, February 14, 2009


More exciting news. As you may or may not know ( I know my dad is definitely all over it) the Tour De California is happening right now and the Legendary Lance Armstrong will be riding with his new team. My dad says he thinks he heard it was a Kazakhstan team. GO BORAT!

annnyyways, the exciting part is that Monday morning they will actually be riding up my block! My dad says I have to wake up early to take pictures. Willingly, father.

my boy

Sony Closing San Francisco Metreon Playstation Store


read the little excerpt here

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Too Much Swagger!

It was pretty ridiculous I think. Gotta be one of the top performances, yea? Modern Day Rat Pack.

But Lil Wayne, how did you manage to braid your dreads?

Anyways, I had to rush back to my dorm to watch it because I didn't leave for SC until 7ish, much thanks to Allison's father.

but before that, parents took me out for dinner


and then our after dinner walk to Walgreens
Valentine's Day. Guys, get those ideas ready

Friday, February 6, 2009

He really outdid himself this time


well uh, I really like my current wallet. It's fairly cheap, waterproof and simple as well as functional.

I just found out that the Jimi is available in SF too. mostly bike shops and my favorite, Park Life

Horse, I need to get another one


I do not like you very much. you make my thighs very wet and very frigid. that may be partially my fault because my thighs are so.... thunderous. .

you made me think twice about going to school this morning. luckily you did not prevail

I like you better as a Korean pop singer

So I was on facebook doing my usual thing keeping myself up to date. Well, to make a long story short, I think I just came to the conclusion that someone deleted me as a friend for a free burger king whopper. this sucks

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm just sitting at 2:22AM listening to the rain. It hasn't rained in a while.

um... that's the view from my window. Nothing breath-taking.

but yea, just listening to the pitter-patter of the rain dropping down onto that cement. I saw a headline in the Chronicle that said it was suppose to be the driest ever. Guess not? yea, but another thing you guys might appreciate


it's like Nujabes or Nomak, that jazzy hip hop except that the rappers that rap over it are a bit more well known, well at least here in the US. The likes of Talib Kweli, Black Thought, CL Smooth and more. Let me pull it up for you...

01. Talk it Out feat. Nieve & Jean Curley
02. All I Want In This World feat. CL Smooth
03. Mountain Top feat. Aloe Blacc
04. Live Forever feat. Black Thought (of The Roots)
05. Bubbles feat. Jean Curley
06. So Fresh feat. Talib Kweli
07. Nothin For Nothin feat. CL
08. Only One feat. Need Not Worry
09. Jag Jam Jazz
10. The World Outside In feat. Othello
11. Cheers feat. Asheru
12. Food For Thoughts feat. O.C.
13. Yin Stacks feat. Rakaa Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples)
14. Velvet Ballads

but yea, try to find it somewhere, it might be a bit expensive to cop because it'll be imported so your best luck is your friendly neighborhood Limewire.

Velvet Ballads by Cradle Orchestra

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Remember this?

Monday, February 2, 2009

you know my jam you know my jam jam

Leslie says

Leslie also says that a certain Mr Bingballmaster has proposed!!

wedding of 2009...or... the year after? I dont know

Sunday, February 1, 2009