Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"do you even blog anymore?"

well... Horse's blog pretty much sums up my weekend too.

senior dinner set up, huf sale, dark knight and "silogs"

some studio pic action at pre senior dinner

and that went pretty smoothly, Huf sale was next. Gary, Jeriel and Horse but forgot to bring Jimmy, sorry man. Got a few things, dropped less than HALF of what horseman did. one of them

after that, headed over to Malcolm

all he was doing was singing
let me serve you up, let me let me serve you up
you can have it yooouuurrr way
you're the customer

yea, some inappropriate statues, some inappropriate poses

after that was horse's house on Sunday. he had the signature vaseline on the night stand. This picture is still not even close to being as incriminating as my webcam picture he has

after dark knight with the guys, headed over colma to eat our "silogs". two to, two top, one long

that was the weekend.

oh yea, got this in the mail



j.knicks said...

nice sharks fitted, is it grey under bill?

Vince said...

hey, i can use that hat next year at sjsu