Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm the king of queens!

we made it safely, don't worry. Well nevermind, you weren't worryingd

had to pho the day before with mom though.

my co-pilot for the day

surrounded by the whoppers at overpriced airport burger king

more thorough blog soon.. maybe


and I finally got the picture. So we're just chillin at the airport in some random gate, when we notice some oddly dressed man. Decked out in Bape and a pink scarf?

I think it's the man on the left

we knew he was on something. and he was talking pretty loudly and we were all going "can this guy quiet down?" I turn around and something catches my eye. Some man's very shiny bald head blinds me and as I try to refocus, it's none other than Common Sense. Me and Horse get pretty excited and we "casually" walk by to make sure it's him (and by "casually" I mean camera in hand, giggling).

Oh, did I mention the guy was wearing some Air Yeezy colorway that I've never seen? I forgot to take a picture though *-____- I didn't go into super paparazzi mode as much as you'd like for that to happen

Next thing you know, the flamboyantly dressed dude I recognized goes "You want a picture" in a slightly irritated voice and we get him to take the picture for us. And now, I present to you this beauty.


I kind of just sat there in a bit of shock. I don't know how this is gonna top anything we do in New York, but we're gonna try

FAO Schwartz giant keyboard?

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eddlee said...

wow that pretty sick. lucky guys lucky guys.