Saturday, March 1, 2008

So it's a Saturday, a really really nice Saturday and I'm sick. The sickness has many symptoms, symptoms that are too gruesome to share to the world wide web. I was checking out the newest episode of America's Best Dance Crew and I think JabbaWockeez did the best this week, nevertheless I voted for everyone's favorite, Kaba Modern. Yea, and I was talkin to mr. 800 about schools and our conversation goes as follows

dakam1kaz3e33: berkeley, la, sd, and irvine
chrisleetyped: coool
dakam1kaz3e33: so i can join kaba modern
dakam1kaz3e33: so
chrisleetyped: hahahaha
dakam1kaz3e33: cuz ya know, my isolation's is sick
dakam1kaz3e33: in the words of lil' mama
dakam1kaz3e33: what makes her so qualified

yea, pretty much. ya know, I don't even bring my camera with me anymore. No more pockets because I got a bulkier wallet and bulkier phone now and I dont wanna be carrying some case on my belt for my camera. That's like batman's bat belt status =P. So I just downloaded Jedi Mind Trick's Violent By Design. It's cool, a bit weird, you can listen to samples of each song and read the reviews there or you could not download it not from but that might be illegal.

Still on a car hunt. My parents say if I go to city college then I will get a car. I guess that is tempting? "Go to a nice college, no car, go to a crappy college, nice car". Okay, well I gues I WOULD be saving my parents a whole bunch of money anyways of I went to a junior college then transferred. I dunno, just that much less of an incentive to go to a prestigious university.

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