Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So uh. hmm. Went to self edge today to get a pair of jeans. Nudies are 25% off so I picked these up during lunch and definitely did not get back on time to civics.

ha, organic cotton, my only contribution to the environment.

It's okay though, Sean treated me to Tommy's Joynt and I had a really nice meaty sandwich with a side of mashed potatoes.

Hmm, so USC had The Hundreds drop by yesterday to give a little presentation and of course I had Jeriel "Helmet" Ong to stop by and pick this up for me

mmhmm, that is pretty huge, hundreds is huge? this isn't to stop my other sticker collection full of in-n-out stickers

I had more but they spell out SENIOR and part of a S on the Gateway front door. Our hooliganry was cut short by Mr Fuller as we were fulfilling our duty as High School Senior Prankster Amateurs.


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