Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We the New Era, you just a starter cap

Talib hatin' but...

hey, found my Starter Cap, Horse. Now you can dust off yours

hmm... small pictures. So, we're dissecting in AP Bio and look what I found in my room....

yea, you like how all my pictures are small but that is a frog leg. I skinned it because I thought the muscle structure was cool but others will think I'm gross... gross for other reasons though. *-__-

More news. I did not even tell you I visited UCSC on Monday with Gary. Wow, the campus is pretty majestic. It's like waking up at camp every day, like really nice. Then of course there is the one campus full of barefoot hippies, kresge? eh, I think I'm gonna like it.
The only picture I have of UCSC for now is this rug:

I mean, I already have a Gateway rug, why not add this to the collection

Chris Lee <--- Rug Collector

1 comment:

Master Samuel said...

rug collector is "that's what she said" status, homey

and why did you bring the frog leg home? that's weird