Saturday, May 17, 2008

Physics Day

Friday was physics day for most schools and wow, never seen Great America so crowded. Just to get dippin' dots was a ridiculous wait. I had a really sore throat so I couldnt scream on any of the rides and on top of that, Great America only sells fried food or really sugary sweet food so I really cant even make a noise without pain right now *-____-. Went on all the great rides though, of course.

Invertigo, classic, lovely wait in line
Newly named Flight Deck, formerly known as Top Gun. Still cool, lamer line wait without the constant video and audio playing.
Then on the log ride.... Conor likes being mean so... I record it

Always a must at amusement parks, the funnel cake with powdered sugar, apple topping AND soft serve

Then on the bus, well, our driver got a bit lost and took a nice scenic route which got some of my classmates a bit..tense. And this is our outlet, Eion and Gary

all in all, pretty great day

lots and lots of water

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