Wednesday, May 7, 2008

guys. guys. GUYS. Wednesday was a pretty awful day

I woke up late. Rushed out of the house, car keys in hand. Couldnt find parking for the longest time. Found it and rushed to take my practice ap lit test.

Okay, not that bad of a day so far, so I'm about to eat lunch with Lauren and Michelle and as I start the car, I'm going..going and going a little bit more then I notice at the corner of my eye a slip of paper wedged in between the hood of my car. A PARKING TICKET! and from there, I yelled obscenities to the world. Lunch wasn't that great either but yea, that's it. $40 ticket!

Tuesday, went to the OTHER tutti melon in the marina district on Chestnut st. Gotta say, it's such an upgrade to the irving one.
How you ask. Well, for one thing they got a vast selection of gelato.

Also got a lot of different flavored aloe juices. You can also have aloe as a topping on your yogurt. The best part though is the green tea flavored frozen yogurt!
and then Walgreens had free 8 x 10 pictures at Walgreen's so as my mother and I walked in, I managed to catch a picture of the cashier with the fakest hair
oh yea, and I took that AP lit test today, awful

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