Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's Get Married

The wedding was pretty beautiful.

got to the place at 9ish to help set up. Alex, Tim and I helped put up lanterns in trees. climbing on chairs and stools and people to reach those branches and hang 'em. hard work, hard work.
like I said, hard work. we also put up these sphere things, ya know, for the dance floor. And we were for sure tearing it up.
we took a 3 hour break, got suited up and went back. Here's a few pictures of the wedding:

besides the dance floor, I was tearing up here too..inside

dang, look at those cuties.

om nom nom nom. a candy buffet toooooo. and that cake is pretty cool, take note, Jeffrey.

now for some footage. First up, Timothy Lee, breaking it down for us on how to slow dance. ooohwheee, ignore the laughter.

next up, we have Grandma Lee taking the cake back home so she can ration out the dessert to eat the whole week. and of course saving a little for the homies that jazzercise with her at sunset playground

I also just found some pictures of move-in days for Horse and Sammy, upload those later maybe



Master Samuel said...

dang your brother... classless
(unless you're reading this timothy, you's funny)

and your cackle is not crackin'

Vince said...

you laugh is so infuriating forreal