Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bonillie Bonillie Bonillie

so basically, I got some weird floormates, and weird isnt a bad thing. I mean, they are ridiculously entertaining. I have so much footage, I think I'll just make it a weekly thing if I run out of great things to share with you guys. Here's a little sample of what is to come.

haha, top that Jimmy Lutron

well besides that, we got plenty of dance-offs and solo dances. I mean, what is there to do in college... study!? naaah

I'm coming back this weekend though, heard that we're eating at brothers and I really am craving for some Korean BBQ.
om nom nom nom.

yea, another thing. yesterday I was so excited to go to my photography class. I read the first two chapters, memorized all the parts of my camera as well as other ones. Then I decided to take a power nap..which led to... a deep slumber. -sigh- Well I went to the section for photography today, walked in circles for a good 30 minutes ending in a very moist white tee uh..... all bad. watch out for the pictures though, oohwhee I'll be taking your wedding photos


eddlee said... where are the embarrassing videos of you?

jimmy said...

ohhh naa uhh.. they butchered my song!