Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's 2:51AM,

and my roommate and I are still awake because my dear pal, Samuel sent me this awesome LINK! well anyway, I've been thinking about lemon bars and programming. sooo fun!

let me bring the visuals

probably should click THIS first, (actually, try this LINK instead)and let it load while you look at the pictures at this site

if you're wondering what you're clicking, it's my Super Mario version of the classic "Lunar Lander"

try to left click RIGHT after you finish clicking through the instructions, yea... let's NOT make computer science a major, please

oh dang, I'm on a hotlinking frenzy today!

alright, check out my lemon concoction

the one thing, when shooting in a RAW format, I can't seem to readjust the color correctly. It always seems just a bit... off. Adi? Courtney? post-editing help? k, cool

yea, insomnia

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