Friday, April 3, 2009

Ratatat at SC, Zion I at UCSC

yeeessss! but it's gonna be pretty crowded at the Zion I concert. I thought Santa Cruz got NO performances but I guessed wrong. Can't wait


The tracklist was kind of like:

The Taking
temperature NOT featuring Talib Kweli
Hit em NOT featuring the Grouch
Silly Putty

and then..... I get lost

The Bay

and some other songs

ALL IN ALL A GREAT PERFORMANCE. I touched his hand, that's how close I was. And have you ever been to a concert where the forest was the backdrop? nooooope. Plenty of freestyles too. dang, I'm still really excited. Didn't bring the camera though, it was TOOO hyphy. peace

edit x2:

someone got a pic

props to sammierosa from twitter

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clpedersen92 said...

who opened here?? haha do you know..?