Friday, December 28, 2007

Finally got my camera plugged in

And let me update you on the random things that I take pictures of. So I was looking at my Dad's wedding ring because i wanted to um.. look at gold and so I found this really sweet (as in "awwww" sweet) message inscribe on the inside of the ring. Good idea, dad/mom.
and right around the corner the pagan restaurant opened...(insert joke about pagans)
my co worker just had a baby =D
Class of '08 picture. I have my "durr" hand up =(. Jamison is a... oh is this charades? a dog relieving it self on an invisible fire hydrant
and what we do at Urban Outfitters
mastascabba (10:43:07 PM): wow! your skills are superb
mastascabba (10:43:10 PM): seamless...really

and Christmas Day at Grandma's

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