Friday, December 21, 2007

Well I haven't done a post about my life in a while

So I went bowling last night after eating at Naan 'N Curry for Gary's birthday and then we ate sago after that and then and then and then all slept over Jeriel's nice house. Let's start with pictures...
Trevor getting ready to bowl and Gary being 18
Being anti-social the whole time with her DS lite... that I played with as well
well this little gem, you'll just HAVE TO CLICK IT BELOW TO SEE THE ANIMATION IN ITS GLORYkind of reminds me of this
Gary and I enjoying our time. He bought scratchers to celebrate his 18ness.

Moving on... nothing really worthy taking pictures of at Naan 'N Curry. The free tea is great though. Sago, we ate more, nothing to see nothing to see.
Well as I wake from my slumber, Kevin has become the dancing maniac unleashed...


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