Monday, December 17, 2007

cookn4evar: 2nd ammendment FTW

Well I have been learning, in my Civics class , all about our presidential candidates. As we have been discussing them, I did not even take a second look at Mike Huckabee but as a Jeriel Ong brought to my attention this, possibly best ever ad ever made ever, I think everyone should vote Huckabee solely because he is Chuck Norris approved.

cookn4evar: IRS = out of buisness
cookn4evar: Chuck Norris doesn't endorse, he tells


Vince said...

oh man, I did a presentation for my government class all about mike huckabee. He is really strong about our borders and he sells t shirts with chuck norris on them. and he plays in a band. I know so much about him. I can go all day...

Chris said...

haha, I did one on kucinich and he has a wife that is about 30 years younger than him