Thursday, February 28, 2008

ATCQ x MJ tshirt?

Look at this, what a cool concept right?
haha, keep bouncin'. The Midnight Marauder's album cover seen all over MJ making his signature dunk. Thought you guys would like to see it, well the very small percentage of my viewers that enjoy Michael Jordan and A Tribe Called Quest together.

and if you really feel compelled to buy, which I might do so, then CLICK HERE

EDIT: oh shoot, almost forgot, I had these scratchers all nestled in my wallet and took the two out, the first one I lost and was a bit frustrated so I tossed it to the curb, but the second one, THE SECOND ONE!! I won guys, I really did. A whole 2 bucks so I'm even now. The joys of being 18

Caroline OW!!!yama, if you read this, get a big metal spoon and rub it out, it should be okay ;)

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