Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time To Update The Blog

So I need to tend to the blog every great once in a while. I have been too lazy to take the camera just about everywhere I go these days so I have been just using the iPhone a lot. Well on Wednesday, BFF Little Dumpling hooked it up with tickets to the warriors game!! and if any of you saw the game versus the celtics, you'll know how great of a game it was. Pictures to follow

The beast and the beast master

ha, isn't that great
That's the view I had during the game the whole time
ha! sike
ok ok, now that my update of the Warrior's game is done, Thursday nothing happened. It was check out a Firebird and Chevy's Night. No pictures but crashed at fungy's house with Toby after to watch some Comcast On Demand Colbert and Stewart edition, then went home to... wake up late today for school. Oh well. I DID how ever get an early birthday present =D

and that's my day, I'd upload another song but Gary Yu recommended that I not do so for safety reasons... ha I want to upload anyways, hold on

Ellen Page and Michael Cera - Anyone Else But You Listen Here
a lot of people know this as the "Juno song" but I know a few others will shake their heads at this ignorance. I'm sure someone listens to The Moldy Peaches and they did the original but it just doesn't sound as great as the Juno version so here it is

thanks <3

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Master Samuel said...

ninja keycap? ninja please
i have the exact same one.
oooh i am mad