Saturday, February 2, 2008

ANOTHER package!?

Yes, yes yes! The post office delivers on even the most rainy days. Let's check it out

Yup, there's my baby, all soft and fluffy from the mailman. Mmmm, wonder what's inside
Yea, so I rip it open and look at what I find with my package.... Really though, do I get to look like this by purchasing their stuff?
yea, on that American Apparel hype. I mean it's soft I guess but...yea.
The white balance was being tricky... hold on. ah, yea, well you get the idea

maaaaan. this post was USELESS.... let me save it. Here's a song

Busta Rhymes - C'mon all my Niggaz All My Bitches download here
well how about THAT for an explicit title though. you definitely will not be bumping this on your way to church. The super fast violin beat with the super fast busta bus. check it out

Good Night!

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