Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Allow Me To Update

hmm.... so this one morning, as I was running late for school, I decided to answer the home phone and lo and behold, it was a telemarketer, my favorite! good thing they're my favorites too, it was someone from arbitron radio

anyone who is an avid radio station listener will have at least heard of them before. Guess what they gave me.

along with some surveys I promised to fill out that I can't find and never really will ever fill out. ooohweeee, thank you telemarketer woman, you are the kindest. This should put me through college for sure.

that is pretty much the main update. Tomorrow is the very last day of my High School Career as we know it. Got a math final and a Civics "assessment", that's code name for test. I also had to write a "Dear Gateway" letter as part of my Senior Clearance Sheet thing.

Been listening to Tha Carter III and God Loves Ugly. It's nice to listen to cd's all the way through on occasion.

big news. Thursday = Disneyland Grad Nite (hosted by Honda)
I like how the web site's information has this one line: There's no limit to the fun you'll have!*

there definitely is a limit, there is a gigantic list of things we cannot do or bring including wearing hats, even those little mickey mouse eared beauties.

but to make up for that, I was just doing some youtubing, and this year they had jabbawockeez AND/OR ne-yo all up at the grad nite. Ooooh, jealousy

here's some videos:



let's gooooo


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