Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hello Brooklyn

Im in brooklyn right now but I cant really upload pictures for you guys because I'm stuck with Dial-up over here

I was so giddy on arrival to SFO. It's really cool actually, only my second time. But we had to go to international because Virgin Airlines is so new. It's kind of...interesting for lack of better word seeing some people cry as their loved ones depart to a whole different country. On a less emo note, Virgin Airlines, although a bit cramped, have some really cool feautures, like touch screen for music/tv/music videos/food and more. Plus, please believe that I took more than one of the free earphones they passed out.

Today I Grand Central Stationed it and Pizza'd along with, so far, the best FroYo place I've been to so far. Speaking of froyo...DHO. but okay, basically they had the widest selection of froyo and plus it was self serve with unlimited toppings. Taro froyo, so oh oh good.

Let me back up though to Senior trip and then some since it's already on my flickr..

no wait, back up to senior breakfast, how Toby and I made up 95% of the senior population at, what we thought was a senior breakfast.

that Ramilo woman really tried to reconcile her relationship with Toby as he continously sassed her with no shame whatsoever telling her how "we can never be friends, no". hahah too funny, except that he was serious

this is what Tahoe mainly consisted of. I guess we'll share and bond another time... without the tv.

check it, a teaser of senior dinner?

Maid in Manhattan?

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Master Samuel said...

my response:
-i love froyo
-i see my closetroom
-oooh you tease me so