Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm So Proud

This might be kind of long. With all of the graduations this week, it has become a pretty momentous occasion after another. The first one was my brother's graduation. I really was and am proud of that kid.

and so the legacy continues...
wasn't feelin grandma
or my mother constantly pestering him
but a lot of the family came through
gang signs and all

and of course, Timothy's supporting cast
after that we spent a little bonding time at Burgermeister and got ready for the next graduation. Washington High School's graduation was Jeriel, Sammy and I. That was pretty fun, and by fun I mean many hours under the beating sun nonetheless it was well worth seeing all the kids.

First up, Stevie
and next, JohnnyDcKc
Valerie Kam, I think she was excited to see Jeriel
my roommate
ooohweee, Collin Leung. yes yes yes yes
Felix AAAUUUUU yeung, also very excited/exciting
and the only person that would take a picture with me after the graduation. ^____^
speaking of which, after such a.... graduation, Jeriel, Sammy and I were famished so we decided to head over to Burma Superstar. In case you haven't seen Jeriel in a while because of all the time he spends in SoCal, here he is!
and like Sammy talked about, he blew a little bit too hard and out came blooooood.

keep bleeding, keeep keeep bleeding blood
was hard for him to eat, and Jeriel and I (mostly Chris though) were laughing non-stop as he struggled.
uh... I think he's choking

that's me tomorrow

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