Friday, August 22, 2008

Pineapple Express > Tropic Thunder

Moooonday, I got back and the Gateway Gangstas decided to take me out. we just hung out a bit in Toby's new firebird and then ate at... Lucky Penny!

haha, yup. Then I came up on a Hundreds snapback. It went as follows:

C:-looks into cubby-ooh, a hundreds hat, you think that's the lost and found?
C:should I take it?
-we all walk out-
C:I'm gonna go ask
-nobody cares-
C:-smiles at waitress trying to awkwardly ask a question- uh...heh
W:just take it take it haha

and so..... I wore it at Marine World and it shaded me from the UV rays

So tuesday was marine world for Caroline's last day. There's a facebook album up on horse's facebook but you'd have to be a friend and not a stalker to see it

after marine world was:
-get more people
-good bye's to Caroline
-Tropic Thunder

yea... I fell asleep during the beginning, and the explosions were cool at the end but I had NO idea what was going on.

wednesday was:
-me and crystal say bye to Sarah Pearce Hart
-eat a cheap yet hearty breakfast at Taraval Cafe with each other

saying goodbye to the "kramerie" unbeknownst to her that the hood was still hot

and then some self-timer action
and my thizz face that comes out everytime I see a camera... *-____-
-Randy and Valerie time
Yesterday was:

-Banana Island
-eat at home
-Lauren Chinn

I had the was just alright
and just now, I get woken up at such an unknown hour to me, 9am. My mother tells me I have to sign papers and that two very mean people are ready to take my car for tax return purposes
good bye forever to my baby, I guess it's the kramerie, it held my thunder thighs intact under the steering wheel. Got me from place to place.... <3
okay, readers, I need your help. Should I....

rep the Canton Province with this baby?

or throwback with the Native Americans

get the hay, we're going to san jose

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