Saturday, August 23, 2008

I might be showing her my o-face

if you've ever seen the movie "office space" you might be familiar with the o-face scene. If not, here's a little reminder

the reason why I bring this up is because Undrcrwn is always coming out with sports-inspired t-shirts. Now, with all of this embracing of Obama from pop culture, the many tshirts that are being made in honor of him such as the Obey Hope tees, Undrcrwn is about to release this little gem
aptly entitled the "o-face" tshirt. reminiscent of Vince Carter dunking on some french dude in the olympics, Obama just obliterates McCain. oooh, that's a hot one

Berkeley has no cool free stuff

1 comment:

eddlee said...

Yup, rep those "O's" like O precious is the flow......