Saturday, August 9, 2008

What I missed/What you missed

What I missed:

-bernie mac died!?
-olympic ceremonies

What you missed:
-helicopter landing at koinonia
-camp speaker gets concussion

well basically, the top songs being sung at camp were:
-Nothing but the blood

... okay I meant the secular ones

-Mrs. Officer
-Bazooka Bubble Gum

so that one time I mentioned black out? yea, they gave us glow sticks, and Edward Lee...

and speaking of a specific Edward Lee, the most overused phrase of the week, including all kinds of variations: "beasting it". Variations include: I'm beasting it, beastly, you're a beast, beast mode, beast me.

let's rewind. Saturday before leaving for camp, I went to a wedding. There I saw a real, live
my dad was bothering her, trying to get her to play some earth wind and fire, *-____-

yea, well back to camp, I'd like to introduce you to LL Cool J, lady's love cool Jimmy. Featuring Erkul and Alien

I'll end this time with some quotes of the week, and there were quite a few:

-in reference to cabin buddy time-
J: and we have a triple. Nevin, Tyler, Sammy...
A: oOoo, a little menage a trois

C: is the band here?
E: as in Nevin?

-sharing question: what carnival food did you feel like today and why?-
J: I felt like a lollipop because I was nice and sweet today

E: let bruce bruce hit it hit it
Bruce: WHAT did you say!?!
E: huh? he said it. -points to chris lee- and I'd like to remind you Headward, snitches get stitches...I got many

Rev talking about girls: and you know what happens at night....
E: studying, duh!

playing this:

C: I'm gonna bang you so hard
V: fine, then bang me!
V: I'll bang Chris, I can only bang once, Jeff?

It was definitely a good run

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Vince said...

J:yes, you can only bang once. or actually, it depends on your 'attributes'.