Thursday, January 3, 2008

Project Week!

too lazy, kind of, not really. what I did today

and then put him

on a t-shirt. ghetto. (edit: this is for our house, the boom house. Basically our school has 4 houses kind of like Harry Potter. That means boom house, the house I am in, is like gryffindor and all other houses suck.)No pictures today but we're going to Free Gold Watch where they do their silk screens tomorrow and then upper and lower haight to check out what Sam Flores and them have been doing. something better tomorrow! not a promise

EDIT: might as well post my ideas


Vince said...

you should get that recorder thing from radioshack and record "Feeling Myself" and then sew it onto your shirt, because you feel on yourself all the time

Vince said...

maybe thizzle dance might be a better choice