Wednesday, January 30, 2008

hmm... Awkward

So I could never get that handshake down, nope. The awkward one where it's all complicated and involves a "man-hug" of some sorts. You know, the one that all guys greet other guys with except that EVERYONE does it different? So I see a few people outside of the building after school that I happened to know. They yells "Chris!". They get out of the car and I'm thinking to myself "oh ok, I can do this, yea I can do this, just go up to them and say 'hi', right?". Nope, he pulls his hand up in the air and is about to make contact with mines. "Do I shake his hand? where does my thumb go? Why is his hand so moist?" As these questions run through my mind, the awkwardness and the fumbling of hands is finally over. I wanted to ask him "can i try that again? please?" yea, it's one of those one time deals. But to give you a visual, it happened something like this.

yea, except not

Now that I am done with my first person narrative, I will tell you what I'm doing AT THIS VERY MOMENT. I am sitting at work as most of the people are gone, just trying to accumulate hours to get more cash money. Maybe enough to purchase a vehicle? nah. Ok, time to get a ride from MUNI.

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