Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lazy Saturday Nights

Oh blogspot readers, too lazy to get the camera cable so that I can share with you the awesome photos I took. Alas, I am tucked away into my bed with the laptop. Just saw Cloverfield though and I must say the ending was a bit disappointing but upon further research (IMDB and wikipedia), I found out that there is a LOT of promo work that was done. The characters in the film have their own fictional myspaces as well as many secrets throughout the movie and very vague promos. It was also filmed under the name "Bertha" and was almost titled "cheese". all very interesting, I know so read more on your own HERE

Let me just try and pull up some interesting pictures on the computer to talk about....

mmhmm, team of scientists with the shark rocket. Quite some handy craftsmanship yup yup. Bye. Oh and I am updating for you, Jackson, sir

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