Friday, January 4, 2008

London London LONDON

except they brought the double decker buses to San Francisco! So today, the weather was filthy, ridiculous, pretty awful. It was so wet I think my jeans shrunk =(. that or my thighs are just getting bigger. but um.... okokok, pictures on the double decker MUNI

well if were on a touristy busy, why not look like touristy tourists? Alex Fung at his best.
ah yea, Edwin loving the plush interior
Let's have a close up! very patriotic
So basically, to ride the double decker it is FREE OF CHARGE plus they give you this cool survey/informational pamphlet. Pretty awesome
on the top of course.
we decided to move up . mmhmm
After a tiring, rainy day, I find out the office treated for lunch so I sit upstairs recuperating and eating my co-workers' leftovers.

EDIT: coming through with the video

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