Sunday, January 20, 2008

Costco Outting

Aw, no pictures today except for the picture that I will illustrate with my clever diction.

ahem. First thing my father says to me is, you are NOT getting those ridiculous glasses, they do not fit on your face (I need glasses because I haven't had a new pair since 8th grade). I was kind of sad and didn't like my limiting to some generic brand glasses from costco so I just wanted the biggest most plastic and flexible ones because I am quite an active boy). well, after I got my contacts I was in charge of driving the cart.

Okay, my mother and father are squeezing their way through people fitting barely pass others and I have a cart. Just a reminder, carts at Costco happen to NOT be smaller than people, it is actually MUCH bigger. So it's like me barely keeping up with the parentals who are on a hunt for wholesale food items. I am frantically cutting in and out with the cart almost hitting many elderly people in their professor X type wheelchairs and then two carts coming in my direction. UGH, aggravating. Every stall or traffic jam builds on to the impatience growing. And then I get ridiculous with the steering and maneuvering and accidentally hit someone in the foot. And out of all the people to hit it is a GIANT of a man who steers coldly through my soul.... well enough of that, I finally reach my parents who are standing in line waiting for me and give up with the cart abandoning it with them.

Ah, finally I find one of those big, comfy, and suede ;), couches to sit on. It's kind of big and there is another person sitting on the other end of it already. Well hey, I got my ipod in the ears listening to whatever whatever and all of a sudden a boy, a giant of a boy at that, decides to plop himself next to me. When I say plop I mean like get some air time before his butt reaches the couch. Oh geez, then he repeatedly bounces his head onto the headrest and I think he might have already been short on brain cells anyways. All of a sudden, I think to myself, I don't THINK this sofa had a massage feauture, oh wait, as I turn to my left to see what is vibrating, it is the boy scratching fanatically , spraying all of his dead skin cells on me! and then he literally HOPS away. NO. JOKE.

Okay, and more thing saw the cutest (obese) kid in this grey sweatsuit and he was running around and Grandma was trying to catch him but he was like a buttered up pig or something, pretty funny

I don't think I like these really long posts that lack pictures, bye


courtney said...

costco in hawaii = no crowds & no lines.those electric powered carts move at .05 mph.
no joke.

i think you illustrated your experience clear enough for me.

katie said...

you made me lol with the whole "buttered up pig" thing.
good work.